10 Aug 2011

The Gucci G Line YA109523 Review

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Written by Traci Michael

The Gucci G Line YA109523 fashion watch.

The Gucci G Line YA109523 fashion watch is stunning, despite the fact that it has no time markers.

Fashion watches add sparkle and shine to any outfit and the Gucci G Line YA109523 women’s jewelry watch is, of course, no exception. It is most elegant with its sleek design and modern shape. It is simple, with smooth lines and chic details. This watch is subtle, but stunning all in one tiny package.

Both its case and bangle bracelet are made with polished stainless steel. It has a rectangular, silver dial face with matching silver-tone dial and hands. Its case is made with anti-reflective and scratch resistant sapphire crystal that cuts out pesky glares and protects your watch from nicks and dings. It has an easy to use jewelry clasp that makes it feel like you’re taking off a beautiful bracelet, rather than a watch. But don’t let this watch fool you into thinking it is simply just an accessory, for it is powered by Swizz-Quartz movement and is serious about keeping good time. It displays analog time, but true to its minimalist design, has no markers. It has a fixed, stainless steel bezel and is water resistant, so it can withstand depths up to 99 feet (30 meters).

One pesky aspect of fashion watches is that they do not make reading time easy. The Gucci G Line YA109523 has no second, minute or hour markers. It simply has two hands and a plain watch face, which of course makes reading the time difficult. If you need a watch that is both functional and stylish, this is not the watch for you. While it is an extremely trendy timepiece, it cannot keep you punctual as you rush from meetings to appointments to picking the children up at an exact time. It is best that this watch is not your primary, constant source of time; otherwise you will find yourself very frustrated trying to distinguish just what time it is anyways.

In short, if you just want a watch that will jazz up your outfit for an evening out, one that you will not be using to reference the time, then the Gucci G Line YA109523 might meet your needs perfectly. It is truly a distinct watch, very unique and beautiful. It is breathtaking in its simplicity and is highly understated, this timepiece is sure to wow.

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