03 Aug 2011

Simply Sleek: Gucci Women’s G-Frame Rectangular Stainless Steel and Diamond Watch YA127505 Review

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Front View of Gucci Women’s G- Frame Rectangular Stainless Steel and Diamond Watch YA127505

Gucci's G- Frame Stainless Steel Watch

Written By: Melissa Harrel

A breath of fresh air . . . finally.  The Gucci Women’s G- Frame Rectangular Stainless Steel and Diamond Watch YA127505 is just that.  If you want that clean, fresh feeling infused in a simple design that’s been dressed up but not overdone, don’t pass by this Gucci beauty.

A rectangular dial, accented with diamonds just before the bangle begins its descent, creates the first of many pleasing sensations.  The face’s right angles give way to the gentle curves of the band, accentuating the soft texture of the steel bezel and bangle.  The delicate silver hands of this watch, with no hour markers obscuring their path, travel only over the “Gucci” name at 12 o’clock and “Swiss Made” seal at 6 o’clock.  The effect is one of simple and deliberate elegance.  My own watch of this design sits lightly on the wrist, and with its petite band and narrow case, stands out somehow all the more.

With 20 round cut diamonds, this piece moonlights as a charming piece of jewelry, and will bring out the best in your wardrobe without overshadowing your ensembles.  Though not a casual timepiece, the sleek design lets you get away with trying the Gucci G-Frame on with more comfortable attire, as well.  If you want something a bit showier, this design also comes with dial comprised of 202 round diamonds (0.60 carats), pushing the watch well into high society with a $4,000 price tag to match. Other variations in the G-Frame collection deliver the ease and style of the design, but instead feature a metal link bracelet ($900 range).  The choice of satin or even Teju lizard bands and an array of dials keep this collection evolving and interesting.  The G-Frame square line provides a whole different look, as well.  Still, at $1650, Gucci Women’s G- Frame Rectangular Stainless Steel and Diamond Watch YA127505 is a happy, and elegant, medium.


  • Swiss Made, Ronda Quartz movement
  • Scratch-resistant, anti-glare Sapphire crystal
  • Silver mirror dial with diamond border
  • Polished steel bangle and case
  • Rectangular 14 mm case diameter
  • Water-resistant to 3 atm (100 feet/30 meters)
  • 2-year warranty


  • Subtle, elegant design
  • Combines timepiece with fine jewelry
  • Integrates Swiss craftsmanship with Gucci’s Italian design
  • Compliments professional and semi-formal attire with ease
  • Discreet enough for casual wardrobes


  • Polished steel design shows scratches and scuffs more easily
  • Absence of hour markers make reading the time difficult

A Note about the Missing Markers
Unless the hour or minute hands are directly vertical/horizontal (at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock) reading the time becomes a little speculative.  If you’re someone who wants to know the time exactly, this watch may not be for you.  If you’d enjoy telling someone, “I’m not exactly sure what the time is . . . but yes, I do know how to tell the time usually,” then this watch will also keep you entertained.

Time to Decide
For a lovely, but not gaudy addition to your timepiece or jewelry collection, this watch is a strong contender.  Shop the online retailers, which list the price at a more affordable $925.  For a watch that merges fine design with upscale features, and does so with subtly and grace, try this watch on for size.

Additional Details
Retail Price: $1,650
Collection: G-Frame (rectangular)
Carats: 0.10
Case: stainless steel, 14 mm diameter, 7 mm thickness
Case Back: snapped
Bangle: stainless steel (polished), standard women’s length, 9 mm width
Bezel: stainless steel (polished)
Closing System: jewelry clasp
Bangle, Bracelet, Strap Variations: polished steel, synthetic satin, Teju lizard
Dial Variations:  mirror, lacquered, diamond
Case Variations: rectangular (14 mm x 34 mm), square (14 mm x 18 mm); polished steel, 18 ct yellow gold

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