17 Nov 2011

Gucci Women’s YA109524 G-Line Gold-Plated Watch

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Picture of Gold-plated Gucci Watch

The design is slim and attractive - more like a bracelet than a easy-access timepiece.

Written By: Kaelyn Harding

When it comes to fashionable accessories, some designs are ingenious enough for consumers to overlook the price that retailers demand. The Gucci Women’s YA109524 G-Line is a sleek addition to any wardrobe, but this gold-plated wrist watch may not be worth the cost of the Gucci tag.

So far as the rest of the Gucci G-Line goes, the YA109524 is very similar to the rest of the items in the series. With many choices in color from platinum to silver and hybrid steel to strengthen the frame, this model is guaranteed to match whatever outfit you decide to pair it with. Fit with a custom sapphire-crystal face cover, Gucci promises that this watch is unscratchable. This member of the G-Line is plated in radiant 14 karat gold which hides smudges and grime due to the natural sheen of the metal. Whereas most modern watches tend to be large and eye-catching, the G-Line is dedicated to an elegant, subtle sense of flare. Minimalism in the face and watch hands give the YA109524 a handsome contrast between the black clock and the glow of the  solid metal bracelet. Rather than pinching clips and hinges, this timepiece sports a jewelry clasp that your wrist will thank you for.

So far as Gucci quality goes, this watch does not disappoint. The sapphire-crystal and gold plating are both luxurious elements to this slender watch. Aside from being scratch-resistant (at least on the face), this watch is promised to be water resistant and to give no glare. The fact that the G-Line has so many variations in color is an attractive attribute also, but in reality, unless the modern consumer has more than $850 per watch to buy the entire set, you will likely be settling with your favorite color and then trying to cater your outfits around whatever you choose.

Unfortunately for the G-Line, it is not above reproach. The tiny face of the clock has no markers and the frame is so small that it almost requires a pair of bifocals to determine where the stubby gold hands are pointing. Is the watch reflective? No. But it also has no backlight, so ladies, whatever club you decide to wear a G-Line into, good luck deciphering whether you have been on the dance floor for one hour or twelve. Watches of greater practical use can be found for an eighth of the cost of this name-brand. Where other Gucci watches are inlaid with diamond studs and noticeable craftsmanship, overall the YA109524 is a plain, small bracelet that might tell you the time.

In the end, the $850 that you pay for the Gucci Woman’s YA109524 goes to a gold-plated case and a scratch-resistant cover – just like any other department store thirty-dollar wrist watch.

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