30 Jul 2011

Gucci Women’s G-Frame Square Black Lizard Strap Diamond Dial Watch

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Gucci’s YA128509 is an attractive feminine piece whose lizard-skin finish is sure to express a more exciting worldview than a more mundane untextured offering. As tactilely engaging as the strap is, the measure of a watch is found more in the face, and here this watch shines ferociously with all the fire that 76 diamonds totaling .2 carats can luster. It’s a good thing the glass is anti-glare sapphire–you wouldn’t want the glass to obstruct the dazzling glitter of the diamond dial–and it doesn’t.

Gucci YA128506

Gucci Does Subtle

The movement is Swiss Quartz, as any modern watch is expected to be, and the case is water resistant to 99 meters, another must in a world with indoor plumbing. The case housing is square, but with an attractively beveled bezel. The steel construction of the housing nicely supports the diamond dial, and black leather is sure to be the preferred matching in this model. The lens is made from unscratchable sapphire crystal rounding out this timepiece’s understated but rugged durability.

This is a timepiece meant to pair with your little black dress, but isn’t out of place as a token piece of glamour for everyday wear. Just enough to be dazzling to those looking for a reason to be.

If there is any weakness, the it is that the hands can be difficult to read. The silvery steel complements the dialface, but when it comes to the hands, you need something more contrary to provide contrast. But then, this clearly isn’t the timepiece you are wearing because you were concerned about the time.

The square face might be a bit aggressive for some ensembles, but for most modern women, it should be little challenge to find a closet’s worth of outfits to match it. Far more challenging might be justifying the 2k price tag, but if you’re shopping for a Gucci watch, you began this venture looking to spend some money on the outcome.

The specs, should you be interested:

  • Model YA128509
  • Swiss Quartz Movement
  • Anti-reflective Saphire Crystal protecting the dial
  • Steel Case
  • Water resistant to 30 meters
  • Square polished 14mm diameter Stainless Steel case
  • Unmarked square dial
  • Silver-toned hands
  • Leather band with a buckle clasp
by: Justin Hawthorne
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