21 Dec 2011

Gucci G Line YA109525 Women’s Gold-plated White Dial Watch Review

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Written By: Jean Flint

Do you dream of owning sleek, beautiful jewelry? Do you long for a bracelet that will also tell you what time it is? Do you wish for a high quality watch that’s small enough to be subtle but fashionable enough to be striking? Then maybe you should take a good long look at the Gucci G Line Gold-Plated White Dial Watch YA109525. As part of Gucci’s G line of bangle bracelet watches, this is one of the most popular women’s watches on the market.

This is a small model, feminine Quartz movement watch with a white mother of pearl rectangular dial that combines fashionable jewelry with practical, Swiss quality accuracy. The bracelet band is 7 inches of stainless steel with 18k yellow gold plate and a high polished finish. It fastens with a jewelry clasp centered between the classic horse-bit icons of the Gucci brand.

Consider the fine visual details of this watch. The corresponding width of dial and bracelet band give a sense of natural continuity, with the gold-toned, rectangular stainless steel case serving as a simple yet elegant embellishment. The dial itself is uncluttered, with two small golden hands and the Gucci name.

With a band width of 9 millimeters and case of 30 by 12 millimeters, this designer timepiece will look elegant on your wrist and compliment whatever you’re wearing with it’s simple gold and white tones. It’s also smooth and comfortable to wear, with good balance and weight.

Other features include anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and water resistance to 30 meters (99 feet). The Gucci G Line

An example of how the Gucci G line watch sits on your wrist.

Not wide or bulky on your wrist, though the golden hands are quite small.

YA109525 isn’t available for sale on the Gucci website but can be purchased elsewhere at a retail price of $850, or lower online. Other

models in the G Line 109-series are available in a selection of different dial colors or in silver and steel rather than gold plate.

To achieve this elegant form a few sacrifices of function have been made. There are a lot of watches out there with hour markers and even minute markers, but this isn’t one of them. The hour and minute hands are pretty small and there’s no third hand to show the seconds. In low lighting this watch is going to be hard to read, and in any lighting your sense of the time is going to be limited by some amount of approximation.

The Gucci G Line Gold-Plated White Dial Watch YA109525 is a beautiful bracelet watch. Maybe the bracelet part comes before its function as a timepiece, but if that’s what you’re in the market for it is still a luxury designer item.

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