30 Nov 2011

Gucci G Line YA109519 Women’s Watch Review

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Written by Andrew Hilbert

An image of the Gucci G Line YA109519 Women’s Watch

The Gucci G Line YA109519 Women’s Watch

The luxurious Gucci G Line YA109519 women’s watch is elegantly designed and will add class and style to any woman’s wardrobe. Its simplicity in design adds so much to this watch. Because of its simple luxury, this watch draws attention to the wearer and is subtle addition to any outfit. It can be worn with any style of dress. It is a tasteful timepiece that can be worn in most environments as an addition to a cocktail dress or while simply running errands. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry.

The elegantly designed G Line watch features a stainless steel case and hangs on a stainless steel bangle bracelet. It also features a fixed stainless steel bezel. The watch has a beautiful silver dial with silver tone hands. Diamond markers are elegantly placed at the six and twelve o’clock positions for easier readability. This watch also uses high quality quartz movement, features a scratch resistant sapphire crystal, and is water resistant up to thirty meters (ninety nine feet) to weather any natural roughness in daily wear. For size adjustments this watch utilizes a jewelry clasp.

With so many great things to be said about this watch, it is not without minor issues that some may find unattractive. Some people prefer numerals or any kind of marking to easily and quickly read the time. This watch only offers markings at the six o’clock and twelve o’clock positions. While this is helpful to tell the time, some would rather have markings hourly. While this adds to the subtle luxury of this watch’s design, it can be a sticking point to some. It also can be a little difficult to read the time in low or dim lighting. These are just a few things to be aware of before purchasing this great watch.

While this watch retails for US $850, a quick Google search can produce significant discounts for the practiced bargain hunter. I found one available for $527 online. It will just take a little time to find the right price from the right seller. With that said, I believe this watch is a great value at any price.


  • Elegant, minimalistic design produces a subtle luxury
  • Complements any outfit
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only features markings on the six o’clock and twelve o’clock positions
  • Difficult to read in low lighting

The Gucci G Line YA109519 women’s watch is an elegant piece of jewelry that is versatile and complements the wearer’s natural beauty well. At a US retail price of $850, this watch produces luxury at a reasonable price. If you are in the market for a new watch at this price, I highly recommend it.

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