29 Feb 2012

Gucci G-Frame YA127502 Pink Dial Watch

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Written by: Jatinder Sandhu
If you believe true beauty lies in the simplicity of finely crafted materials, then perhaps the Gucci G-Frame YA127502 Pink Dial Watch is the perfect timepiece to add the right amount of sophistication to any outfit for business or pleasure. The design is sleek and minimal, creating a modern and elegant aesthetic for the watch.  The pink satin strap with stainless steel encasing gives the accessory just enough flair to catch the eye without appearing too bulky or cumbersome due to its slim and simple design.
Whether you’re looking to add a bit of personality to your daily business wear, or looking for a timepiece that adds a striking touch without being too distracting on an evening out, this gorgeous pink satin watch is a flattering addition to any modern fashionista’s wrist.
Pros:  With all the of the bells and whistles that Gucci watches offer, the Gucci G-Frame YA127502 Pink Dial Watch is a savvy investment in light of quality features it offers.
An image of Gucci G-Frame YA127502 Pink Dial Watch

Gucci G-Frame YA127502 Pink Dial Watch

  • Don’t let the fragile feel of satin fool you, the sapphire scratch-resistant crystal that adorns the top of the watch makes this Gucci timepiece more than a functional accessory; the high-polished shine and shimmer of this watch makes it a durable piece of jewelery.
  • This Gucci Pink Dial Watch has more resilience that meets the eye. This quartz masterpiece is water resistant for up to thirty meters, making it an elusive ally for wherever your adventures may take you.
  • With all the quality and style Gucci offers with its Swiss-made time pieces and timeless contributions to the fashion world, you can buy this watch with piece of mind, knowing it is money well-spent.

Cons: While the Gucci G-Frame YA127502 Pink Dial Watch is a lovely accessory, the biggest drawback is that the satin band may not be for everyone.

  • While the shimmering satin band is flattering against all skin types, the watch won’t look so appealing if your line of work or daily usage causes it to get dirty too frequently.  The stainless steel encasing makes the infrastructure of the watch durable, but the satin band is subject to vulnerability.
  • Another con is that not everyone is so pretty in pink.  If the soft feminine hue is not to your liking, Gucci also offers the Gucci G-Frame YA127511 Silver Bangle Watch for women seeking a modernistic watch with a more traditional bracelet aesthetic.

The Final Word:  This watch is gorgeous!  If you have a lifestyle that does not cause your wrists to get dirty too often and you can appreciate a fine timepiece, then this Gucci G-Frame YA127502 Pink Dial Watch is a great investment, its listed price at $695.

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