21 Jan 2012

Gucci G-Frame Rectangular Black and Gold Women’s Watch YA127506 Review

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Gucci G-Frame YA127506

Gucci G-Frame YA127506 with 18k yellow gold.

Written By: Jean Flint

If you’re looking for streamlined elegance, the simple and slim G-Frame collection from Gucci offers the stunning Gucci G-Frame Rectangular Black and Gold Women’s Watch YA127506 which features three round-cut diamonds on its lacquered dial.

The slender rectangular case of the G-Frame YA127506 is done in 18k yellow gold plate with a glossy black picture frame edge around the dial. At only 34 by 14 millimeters (1.34 by .55 inches) it will sit daintily across your wrist, held in place by a slim 7 inch fabric wristband with a black satin surface and yellow gold ardillion buckle. The timepiece has Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement and anti-reflective scratch-resistant crystal that keep it both running and looking smooth.

Close-up of the Gucci G-Frame YA127506 dial

A golden Gucci logo and 3 round-cut diamonds mark the hours on the YA127506’s glossy black dial.

Petit gold hour and minute hands take center stage on the black lacquered dial. The only hour markers are the golden Gucci name at 12 o’clock and 3 round-cut diamonds with 57 shining facets each at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. This is what really makes the jewelry aspect of the timepiece shine.

Since the G-Frame YA127506 does have a very simple and decorative design, it doesn’t have certain helpful features such as luminescent hands or a date display – you’re on your own for that. Typical of jewelry style watches, the G-Frame YA127506 also has the water resistance of 30 meters (98 feet), which means you should really try to avoid getting it wet. The cloth wristband won’t take well to moisture either. If you’re looking for something a bit more durable there are models with stainless steel wristbands such as the G-Frame YA127504, which doesn’t have the yellow gold accents of the YA127506.

The lack of more hour markers on the long face make it hard to read with any great precision. If you’re looking for something with a more compact dial, the G-Frame YA128505 has the same color scheme and 3 diamond decoration but on a square dial, making the unmarked hours and minutes easier to approximate. Other variations in the G-Frame theme are available with bracelets of stainless steel links, rigid metal, leather, or differently colored cloth.

Because of the rich materials, the retail price of the G-Frame YA127506 is $3450. It can be found for several hundred dollars less online but the gold and diamonds definitely make it a rich, if mainly decorative, luxury item. If elegant form over practical function suits your needs, then the Gucci G-Frame Rectangular Black and Gold Women’s Watch YA127506 would make a beautiful choice.

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