23 Jul 2011

G-Frame YA127510 Review – Resoundingly Gucci

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Written By: Christine Texeira

Gucci provides a number of collections that feature elegant watches with modern touches—essentially, they make attractive watches that people want to wear. A smaller part of their appeal is in their name, and its connection to well-made, fashionable items. The Gucci G-Frame YA127510 captures the unique style of Gucci along with its trademark symbols.

The Gucci G-Frame YA12750 with rectangular face.

Exuding Gucci

This model is set apart by its long rectangular face (14mm x 34mm), dominating the space of the watch and the length of the wearer’s wrist. Yet, the silver casing and bangle keep the watch slender and understated. A watch is an accessory, and despite the ease at which a Gucci watch can draw attention, designers have considered the role of an accessory and kept this watch subtle.

The watch face is first defined by the signature Gucci horsebit motif that covers the interior. In light brown, this pattern is easily identifiable. Along the stainless steel band the opposite side of the watch also contains the horsebit symbol—in its jewelery clasp. Moving back around to the face, the material of the bracelet is maintained in the casing, which features a shiny stainless steel frame that is only 7mm thick. The most impressive aspect of this timepiece is the detail of this frame, angling down and drawing light toward the watch face itself.

The downside to this watch model would have to be the time display features. The minute and hour hand work around a numberless face. There is no baton or dot marker for the hours, let alone minutes. The second hand is also missing, as is popular in ladies watches. Though the Gucci G-Frame YA127510 is simple and devoid of detail on its watch face, this does allow for the Gucci horsebit motif to take center stage, remaining the focus of any and all glances. Other variations within the G-Frame collection feature diamond insets as the six and twelve markers, but the low cost and classic simplicity of YA127510 is difficult to beat among the collection.

Gucci’s G-Frame still has the basic features of quality and craftsmanship that can be found in all of their distinct watches. These features include sapphire glass, Swiss-made quartz movement and water-resistance down to 30 meters, or 99 feet. The Gucci G-Frame YA127510 is for any woman who understands that knowing what time it is comes second to gorgeous jewelry from a trusted and fashion-forward brand. Gucci makes great watches, and this watch is one of its best.


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