Gucci Tornabuoni Quartz Women’s Watch YA120511 Review

Written by Laura Rensing Do you ever feel like you lead a charmed life?  Why not accentuate it with the Gucci Tornabuoni Quartz Women’s Watch YA120511?  With links of circles and squares along the small bracelet, this charm-like bracelet is sure to keep you on time and on trend for years to come. Gucci’s strength.. read more →

Gucci Tornabuoni Quartz Women’s Watch YA120512 Review

Review by Amy Moolten The fashionable, gold-faced, Gucci Tornabuoni Quartz Women’s Watch (YA120512) is a cute watch at a cute price. For the cost-wise woman who wants to kill two birds with one stone, check out this signature Gucci bracelet watch which doubles as silver jewelry at a reasonable price: just shy of $1000. If.. read more →

Gucci Tornabuoni YA120509 Watch Review

Written by: Laura Barber What do Jessica Biel, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez all have in common, besides giant houses, loads of cash and superstar status? They all wear Gucci. If you want to follow in the footsteps of these chic, fashion savvy ladies, then adding the Gucci Tornabuoni YA120509 to your accessory collection will not.. read more →

Gucci Tornabuoni Women’s Stainless Steel Quartz Watch (YA119510)

Written by: Katherine Chen How many people can say that they have a luxury watch that doubles as an art piece? If you own the Gucci Tornabuoni Women’s Stainless Steel Quartz Watch (YA119510), you can answer yes to that question. The Tornabuoni collection offers beautiful watches with precision Swiss quartz movement that will not only.. read more →

The Gucci Tornabuoni YA119508 Ladies Watch: A Gucci for dress and class under $1,000

Written By: Joseph Winn Some watches are happy to be just a watch, while some offer many functions besides answering the question of what time it is. The Gucci YA119508 Women’s Tornabuoni Watch edges towards being a watch as a piece of jewelry, rather than a piece of clothing defined by its function. The Tornabuoni is.. read more →

Gucci Tornabuoni YA119509 Ladies Watch Review

Written by Lindsey Cook Never has a timepiece been as stylish as this Gucci Tornabuoni YA119509 ladies watch!  It is no small challenge to find a watch that is unique as well as fashionable, but if anyone can succeed it would be Gucci, and in fact this particular favorite might just succeed. Gucci’s long line.. read more →

Gucci Tornabuoni YA120510 Review

Written by Leslie Foss Some women would rather not wear a watch.  The very word invokes images of a heavy metal wristband swinging from their arm, one which doesn’t match their elegant style and delicate wrists.  For these women, a “timepiece” is much more suitable.  Timepieces are also watches, that’s true, but the word is.. read more →

Gucci Tornabuoni Black Diamond Women’s Watch YA119506 Review

Written by: Kailan Kalina Gucci has mastered the art of watchmaking with a wide range of classic collections, each with their own distinct nature. The Gucci Tornabuoni Black Diamond Women’s Watch YA119506 is part of a collection of watches that closely resemble dainty bracelets and bangles that many women accessorize with on a daily basis... read more →

YA120507 Tornabuoni Black Diamond Women’s Watch

The Timepiece YA120507 Gucci Tornabuoni Women’s Watch, Black Beautiful. Modern. Elegant. Gucci. The legacy of Gucci’s design style lives on in the elegant Tornabuoni collection. This timepiece from the Tornabuoni collection is sophisticated and elegant with its simple lines and lavish accents. The YA120507 piece from the collection is deceptively simple from a distance, but.. read more →

07 Mar 2010
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YA118505 Gucci 118 Tornabuoni Womens Watch

The Gucci 118 Tornabuoni Women’s Watch is made by the iconic and revered fashion label, Gucci. Being so, this particular watch exhibits many characteristics of luxury, such as a bezel set with 44 diamonds. Product Description The Gucci 118 Tornabuoni watch for women features a case made from stainless steel that measures a dainty 20.. read more →

30 Sep 2009
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