Gucci Marina Chain Women’s Bangle Watch YA121301

Written by Danielle Holgate Do you like accessories that are feminine, but not too girlie? Do you enjoy jewelry that is sleek and classy without the bling on it? Do you desire an accent that is both beautiful and practical? Then perhaps the Gucci Marina Chain Women’s Bangle Watch will be your next personal adornment.. read more →

YA121503 Marina Women’s Watch By Gucci Sails To Your Heart

The Timepiece The Story Simple lines. Timeless design. Stylishly casual. Gucci. The Marina women’s watch by Gucci evokes scenes of sailing across the Italian waters of Lake Como. The sky is a breathtaking blue, a warm breeze brushes across your arms, and the sun gently kisses your skin. As the water whispers against the hull.. read more →