Ladies G-Frame Gucci Watch YA128507 Review

By: Caitlin Rojas Gucci is known for their elegance and style, and this watch, the G-Frame YA128507, fulfills that legacy.  Simple and delicate, the ladies watch has a sleek, black face that includes three diamonds in the 3, 6 and 9 positions. While the watch satisfies its practical purpose using an analog screen and hour/minute.. read more →

G-Gucci Women’s Watch Review, Model YA125403

Written by: Caitlin Rojas This stunning watch, the G-Gucci Model YA125403, is a classic example of Gucci’s ability to meld the world of high-end fashion with that of quality craftsmanship. Handcrafted with the highest quality PVD coated black stainless steel, the band is formidable, yet delicate, and the Swiss made watch case is a gorgeous.. read more →

Manly, Indeed! Gucci Men’s YA126211 Timeless Watch Review

Written by: Caitlin Rojas Now, I’m used to seeing Gucci break out all the stops for their watches. Stylistically, The House of Gucci, better known as just Gucci, is a trendsetter. Everything they make is gorgeous. Their jewelry is displayed on the gorgeous necklines of gorgeous models, their gorgeous handbags clutched by gorgeous, well kept.. read more →

Gucci G Gucci YA125502 Review

Written by Traci Michael The G Gucci YA125502 is a stunning fashion watch— sleek, stylish, and affordable in price. With stainless steel, mother of pearl, and diamonds, this is a one-of-a-kind eye catching timepiece. Celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy, Liz Taylor and Grace Kelly have worn Gucci, the iconic brand that focuses on modern design, crafting.. read more →

For simpler tastes, the G-Gucci Women’s Blue Dial Wristwatch YA125405

Written By: Ben Miller If you describe yourself as bold, determined, fashionable and glamorous then you are in need of a watch that conveys the same sentiment. The G-Gucci line of women’s watches does exactly that, conveying distinct chic and elegant fashion from the wrist of the wearer, to the rest of the world. The.. read more →

G-Gucci Mother of Pearl Women’s Watch YA125404 Review

Review by Kaitlin Young The Gucci G-class YA125404 watch is nothing short of eye-catching. The link bracelet and mother of pearl dial make this a piece of jewelry that keeps time rather than just a simple watch. This timepiece is both chic and elegant, which makes it perfect for dressy occasions. However, the true elegance.. read more →

Gucci Women’s Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel Small Watch YA125508 Review

Written by: Kirsten Richards The Gucci Women’s Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel Small Watch YA 125508 can serve two purposes: a timepiece and an exquisite adornment for any woman’s wrist.  Its stainless steel polished silver bracelet offers the elegance and delicacy that Gucci is famous for providing in women’s watches. The G-Gucci collection is almost.. read more →

G-Gucci Steel Bracelet Brown Dial Women’s Watch YA125401

Gucci, the Italian purveyor of style, has designed a stunning bracelet watch that is both fashionable and functional. For women looking for stylish new accessory to stand out in a crowd, the Gucci G Steel Bracelet Brown Dial Watch YA125401 is for you. The rounded square face face forms the iconic “G” of Gucci. The.. read more →

YA125506 Gucci G-Gucci Ladies Watch Sparkles With Style

The Timepiece YA125506 G-Gucci Watch by Gucci for Women Luxurious. Beautiful. Chic. Gucci. Want to kick your wardrobe up a notch? The G-Gucci women’s watch will take you from wallflower to life of the party with its extravagant beauty. Its design is classic Gucci and is the crown of the G-Gucci collection. It has all.. read more →

19 Feb 2010
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