Gucci Chiodo Steel Diamond Bangle Women’s Watch and Case YA122514 Review

Written by: Kailan Kalina Beginning in the 1960s, Gucci has glamorized horsebits and horseshoes with the square head nail symbol in their designs. Today, we see this icon in the Chiodo Collection of breathtaking watches. Gucci has made itself a name with timeless fashion that its wearers can count on for exquisite and classic pieces,.. read more →

Reivew of YA122511 Gucci Women’s Chiodo Steel Bangle Diamond Case Brown Dial Watch

The Gucci Women’s YA122511 Chiodo Steel Bangle Diamond Case Brown Dial Watch is much more than just a timepiece–it’s a piece of jewelry than can be passed down from generation to generation. I have a hard time shopping for watches because in most cases they end up being too lose, and I am not a.. read more →

Gucci Chiodo Women’s Watch YA122509

Written by: Stevanie Medearis This fancy women’s watch is a thin style that works for any occasion. With a case thickness of 7.6 mm, and diameter of 35 mm, this watch’s anti-bulky feeling adds to its fashion sense of today. The stainless-steel Chiodo YA122509 has a band width of 8 mm. My favorite part about.. read more →

Gucci Chiodo YA122509 Review

Looking for a sleek, elegant watch? The Gucci Chiodo YA122509 women’s watch is a uniquely stylish piece. Made from stainless steel, this timepiece is silver with a circular case, a textured dial, black hands and silver hour markers. The watch is attached to its bracelet by two semi-circles, giving the watch a modern look. Made with.. read more →

Sparkle and Shine: Gucci Women’s Chiodo Diamond and Steel Watch YA122513 Review

Written By: Melissa Harrel Picture the way a river rolls over rocks.  Feel the cool breeze.  Take a deep breath.  Exhale.  You’re close to the sensation you’ll get with the Gucci Women’s Chiodo Diamond and Steel Watch YA122513.  Sixteen diamonds sparkle against a polished steel stream that glides around them. If you want to merge.. read more →

Gucci Chiodo YA122512: Tradition and Modern Luxury

Written By: Christine Texeira Sometimes you want to wear subtle elegance, and other times you want to sparkle and make a statement beyond just elegance—you want to be bold. Gucci crafts watches for both moods, and if you are in the mood of something breathtaking and eye catching then Gucci’s Chiodo YA122512 is just the.. read more →

YA122502 Gucci Chiodo Women’s Watch Is Starkly Beautiful

The Timepiece YA122502, Chiodo Watch by Gucci for Women The Story Fearless design. Daring lines. Functional beauty. Gucci. Who says a woman’s watch can’t be rugged yet beautiful? Since when does rustic style mean it’s outdated? The Gucci Chiodo watch design hails from the iron nails used on the old Italian countryside. Originally used to.. read more →

15 Feb 2010
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