30 Jul 2011

New Times: Gucci Women’s U-Play Accented Bezel and Black Leather Strap YFA50027 Review

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Written By: Melissa Harrel

Gucci Women’s U-Play Interchangeable Accented Bezel and Black Leather Strap

Bezel and Band (with watch)

Times change.  Styles come and go.  Gucci lets you account for both with the Gucci Women’s U-Play Accented Bezel and Black Leather Strap YFA50027.  As part of a collection that features interchangeable bezels and bands, this ensemble gives you one more sharp, yet versatile look for your timepiece.

This black leather strap boasts simple but striking embossing using its hallmark letter G.  The symmetry of the band is offset by flag-like stripes of red inside green at the bezel’s 4 o’clock.  I find this watch’s appeal lies in is versatility. It can complement a business casual wardrobe, but will easily fit with to your favorite jeans.  The green and red web give this band a more leisurely feel, but the silver accents and black guccissima leather allow this Gucci band and bezel to navigate across your closet.

With the bezel’s manageable 27 mm diameter (consider: a quarter is about 24 mm), this band won’t clutter your wrist while you pass the time.  If you’re looking for an every day watch that you can modify when you have the itch, you’ll find a timely companion in this watch that spans seasons and venues.  If you want your watch to shout elegance a bit more loudly, you’ll need to bump up your price range and change to perhaps the g-frame or 1921 collections.  For its affordable flexibility, however, the Gucci Women’s U-Play Accented Bezel and Black Leather Strap YFA50027 will stand the (style) test of time.

Band/Bezel Features

  • Interchangeable (within small version set)
  • Sleek guccissima leather strap (black) with silver ardillon buckle

Watch Features

  • Sun-brushed Silver Dial with interlaced “G” pattern
  • Scratch-proof, anti-glare Sapphire crystal
  • Swiss Made, Quartz movement
  • Water-resistant to 3 atm (100 feet/30 meters)
  • 2-year warranty


  • Works interchangeably within U-Play collection, allowing for unique styles and effects
  • Simple twist-to-remove feature for easy style modifications
  • Comes with limited warranty and history of dependable craftsmanship
  • May be purchased with watch, or on its own as a variation


  • Does not have digits on face
  • Requires some time to modify bezel and band

The Bottom Line
This bezel/band addition to the U-Play collection is unique to other styles, and will make the trek from conference room to rock concert.  Its sleek band and distinct 4 o’clock color splash give this piece a playful and unexpected kick.  At $195—for those who already have the watch—this accessory gives your watch a facelift. When purchased with the watch ($650), look for deals from online and in-store retailers, who start the bidding  closer to $450.

Bottom Line: If you like to modify your look, you’ll get a head start with Gucci Women’s U-Play Accented Bezel and Black Leather Strap YFA50027.  Across styles, you’ll fit in with the times.

Additional Details 
Retail Price: $195 (band and bezel); $650 (with watch)
Collection: U-play, small version
Case: Stainless steel
Bezel Variations: polished steel, web glaze, leather, leather with green-red-green web at 4 o’clock, lizard, ostrich, nylon, technologic satin or rubber
Band Variations: available in a variety of finishes; materials include polished steel,
leather, lizard, ostrich, nylon, technologic satin or rubber

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