10 Jan 2012

Gucci Women’s Watch Strap and Bezel, U-Play Black Guccissina Leather YFA50026

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Written by Aidan Noda

Do you get tired of wearing the same color watch every day? Have you ever found that your watch just doesn’t match that new dress that you were planning to wear for that special occasion? Well now you don’t ever have to worry about that happening again! With the Gucci Women’s Watch Strap and Bezel, U-Play Black Guccissina Leather YFA50026 you will always be in style, no matter what the occasion!

Gucci U-Play Medium Watch Strap

Even without the watch, the strap still appears stunning

The Gucci Women’s Watch Strap and Bezel, U-Play Black Guccissina Leather YFA50026 is sleek with its carefully constructed Black Guccissina Leather and stylish silver D-ring buckles. A classic double stamped G can be seen on the exterior of the watch, which forms patterns throughout the band. These adornments show class and a new modern approach to watch design, while ensuring everyone around you will know that you are proudly wearing a product made by Gucci. The bottom of the strap is a very subtle brown with a continuing pattern of double stamped G’s. This watch strap showcases the Italian tradition and quality that has made Gucci into a brand name people trust that consistently evokes power, prestige, and style. You can be sure that you will be the talk of every party with this sleek black watch strap.

The Gucci line of U-Play watches features  fresh, unique, and innovative, technology that shows why Gucci has had such an influential effect on the fashion industry. Gucci products are now made in a factory in Switzerland and the line of U-Play watches demonstrates the Swiss engineering and ingenuity made apparent by their fresh designs. The U-Play series of watches are designed to be easily interchangeable and this watch strap kit is no exception. This black leather strap set is able to be interchanged with any U-play watch that has a medium sized case design.


A Demonstration of the Gucci U-Play Technology

With just a simple twist you are one step closer to a new watch.


The Gucci Women’s Wach Strap and Bezel, U-Play Black Guccissina Leather YFA50026 is just one model of watch strap designed by Frida Gianni. There is a wide range of other colors currently being offered by Gucci. Not only are these watch straps made in a wide variety of colors, but they are also made in various types of materials, such as: lizard skin, ostrich skin, satin, leather, rubber, and steel.  The wide range of materials shows that Gucci is unafraid to be innovative and neither should you when it comes to your fashion style. You can try every material to see what feels the most comfortable on your skin, because when a watch strap looks this good you know you will have trouble taking it off.

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