27 Jul 2011

Gucci Women’s U-Play Medium Interchangeable Watch YA129401 Review

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Gucci Women's U-Play Interchangeable Watch YA129401

Gucci U-Play YA129401: One watch, two bands

Written by Kirsten Richards

The Gucci U-Play Women’s Medium Silver Dial Interchangeable Watch YA129401 combines the beauty of Gucci design and the playfulness of a more casual timepiece.  The fact that it has an interchangeable bracelet makes this Gucci watch a great investment for fashion mavens who insist on high quality along with flexibility.

This particular model boasts a gorgeously designed silver dial with a solid black bezel.  Its interlocking “G” design on the face and the Gucci name at the twelve o’clock marker make this watch undeniably sophisticated.  The lack of numeral markers also lends to the elegance of the watch.

The bracelet is black patent leather with a polished silver horse-bit accent on either side of the case.  Its width of 20 mm and traditional buckle clasp add to the stability of this beautiful women’s watch.

Other features of this watch

  • Slate blue ostrich paw leather band (included)
  • Sword-shaped silver hour and minute hands
  • Stainless steel polished silver case measuring 35 mm in diameter
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • Sapphire crystal anti-reflective face covering
  • Water-resistant to 100 feet
  • 2 year warranty

The best part about this watch is its ability to transform.  By simply unscrewing the bezel, you can remove the two sides of the bracelet and replace them with one of a different color.  Then, simply screw on the new bezel that matches the band, and voila!  You’ve got a brand new watch.

There are a variety of individual band colors and styles available, all embossed with the interlocking G design:

  • Gucci U-Play Medium Gray Watch Band YFA50013

    Gray Band and Bezel YFA50013--Click to zoom in on double G design

    YFA50004—mauve rubber

  • YFA50011—pistachio green rubber
  • YFA50013—light gray rubber
  • YFA50003—slate blue ostrich paw leather (no embossing)
  • YFA50005—white leather
  • YFA50012—brown leather
  • YFA50015—dark brown leather

The bands are priced at around $150 for rubber and $250 for leather.  They are available at a variety of online retailers.

While the YA129401 comes with an additional interchangeable bracelet of blue slate ostrich paw leather, three other versions come with a different extra band:

  • YA129402—mauve rubber
  • YA129403—white leather
  • YA129404—brown leather

One possible issue with this watch is its lack of hour markers, which make readability a slight problem. However, the interlocking double G design on the watch face does provide its own markers at the twelve, three, six, and nine o’clock positions.  Reading the time would take a little getting used to, but the case itself is a decent size, so it is much more readable than a smaller watch.

There are two sizes of this watch, the small size, which has a case that measures 27 mm in diameter and this version with the larger 35 mm case.  If you order an additional band, be sure that the band is meant for the medium version of the watch.  All the model numbers of the bands listed above are for the medium version.

You can find this watch at several online retailers, the lowest price being at Jomashop.com where the watch listed at $585.  The suggested retail price is $900, and most other online retailers can beat that price as well.

If you desire a watch that is elegant, playful, and versatile, the Gucci U-Play Women’s Watch is the one for you.  For those with smaller wrists or who want a slightly more delicate look, you might investigate the smaller version of this line.  Regardless, it’s hard to find a designer watch at such a great price with such a variety of possibilities.

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