22 Jul 2011

Gucci Women’s U-Play Kit Review YFA50030

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Image of the Gucci U-Play Kit YFA50030 on a watch

How this kit will look on a Gucci U-Play watch

Written by:  Kaitlin Young

Gucci’s U-Play line is the epitome of adaptability and lets each woman individualize her own watch, so it doesn’t look like something that rolled off the manufacturer’s line with a million other identical pieces. The U-Play YFA50030 is a part of the customization process. It’s a set of interchangeable pieces—wristband and bezel that will fit any U-Play watch with a small case size.

This particular kit is unique, and will lend any watch in this collection a modern, edgy feel. The bezel is made of black leather, with an iconic green/red/green band at the 4 o’clock position. The wristband is a buckle clasp made of calfskin, that features horse bit icons toward the watch bezel. The length of the wristband has been stamped with the traditional Gucci “G”, that gives the band a nice texture and appearance.

The idea at the heart of the U-Play line is to put you, the wearer, in charge of the watch’s design. With this line, you’re no longer relegated to a single color, style or feel with a watch. The different kits can be mixed and matched according to your own mood and style, such that when you leave home in the morning, the watch is a statement directly about you. And because it’s so easy to change out the kits, that statement can change on a daily, or even hourly, basis.

Image of the pieces included in the Gucci U-Play YFA50030 kit

The pieces included in this kit

You can expect this kit to come equipped with:
• A stainless steel case
• A black leather bezel with green/red/green webbing at 4 o’clock
• A black calf-skin strap with ardillon buckle
• Three interchangeable pieces that fit any U-Play watch with a small case size

Gucci, always at the forefront of the fashion industry, has been designing watches since the 1970’s. Their pieces are an example of the elegance that comes with mixing Italian haute couture with Swiss precision. The U-Play YFA50030 is an example of the playful Gucci style. While the watch itself never changes, its appearance is ever malleable. Like any individual with an eclectic fashion sense, this is one watch with many looks, and it’s prepared to change as much as you do.

However, before you buy, be aware of the fact that this is not a complete watch set. This is a watch bezel and wrist strap to accent the U-Play watch you may already have. Additionally, the wrist strap included in the U-Play YFA50030 kit comes in a smaller band length that’s designed to fit petite wrists. As such, this particular item may not fit all wrist sizes. Don’t give up! There are other kits in this series that will fit almost any sized wrist.

The particular accents included in this kit, from the black, stamped, calfskin wristband to the silver accents will make this a welcome part of any woman’s U-Play collection.

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