04 Mar 2012

Gucci U-Play YFA50011 Watch Kit Review

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Written by: Kimberly Lavoie

If you want a sleek women’s designer watch that changes with your mood or your outfit, the Gucci U-Play Collection is calling your name. Built around a stainless steel case and Swiss movement timepiece, the U-Play collection lets you change and even combine different materials and colors on the bezel and strap. The YFA50011 U-Play Medium Watch Kit includes two pistachio green rubber strap pieces and matching bezel.

The straps in this set fit the medium case size (35 mm), are closed with an ardillon buckle, and bear a horse bit iconic marker of the Gucci brand. The bezel coordinates with the strap with its own pistachio rubber insert. The classic lines of the U-Play watch can be juxtaposed with the modern material of rubber in a cool green spring-like color.

For $150 you can add this coordinating accessory to your U-Play set. The watch is sold separately, often as a set with two alternative straps and bezels. Prices for the watch range from $450-$900 depending on which retailer you prefer. The watch itself offers the following features:

U-Play watch in ostrich blue bezel and strap

Gucci U-Play watch in slate blue ostrich leather

  • scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
  • brushed-finish iconic interlocking-G’s dial
  • water-resistant stainless steel case (to 100 ft or 30 m)
  • Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement

Other strap and bezel options include a variety of materials: leather, lizard skin, ostrich leather, nylon, polished or brushed steel, and rubber in a variety of colors and styles. The slate blue ostrich version is shown here on the watch. Changing your look is as simple as twisting off the bezel, replacing the strap pieces with your new cool green look, and twisting the coordinating bezel back on. This watch with a spare kit or two would be fabulous for traveling when you want to be able to coordinate your look without packing multiple timepieces. The concept is the invention of Gucci’s Creative Director, Frida Giannini. Her idea was to instill the watch with classic Gucci lines and style while adding modern elements and materials. Continuing their tradition of making fine timepieces since the 1970s, U-Play gives you quality and individuality in the same watch.

Pros:You change your look to match your personality, mood, or outfit. The cool green rubber of the YFA50011 kit is simple and casual, yet modern and durable. Change your designer watch without buying another designer watch.

Diagram showing how to change the straps and bezel of a Gucci U-Play watch

Easily change the look of your Gucci U-play watch


Cons: The watch face does not have numerals or other specific time-markings, although the Gucci logo provides vertical and horizontal lines for markers. The YFA50011 Kit only fits the medium (35 mm) U-Play case, so if you prefer the more dainty 27 mm size you’ll have to find your soft green accessory elsewhere. Depending on your skin-type the rubber strap might not be your most comfortable option.

Gucci’s U-Play is now available in a casual soft green, and it is yours for the choosing.


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