11 Dec 2011

Gucci U-Play YA129501 Ladies Watch Review

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Gucci U-Play two looks

Two looks in one watch.

Written by Leslie Foss

One feature about Gucci watches I have always appreciated was their versatility.  Many watches are interchangeable with bands or other parts to give you more than one look in one watch.  The Gucci U-Play YA129501 does just that.  The dial can be mounted on the stainless steel bracelet, or worn on the white leather band.  Each look also has its own bezel cover to complete each look and give you an entirely new watch.

For a more sophisticated look, wear the clean stainless steel bracelet band (in the picture, left) with the smooth polished bezel cover and secure jewelry clasp.  If you are in a casual mood, opt for the leather band (right) with fun D-ring details, buckle closure, and a textured bezel cover.  Both looks showcase the beautiful shiny silver face and silver-toned minute and hour hands.

The sleek Gucci U-Play YA129501 features durability to match it’s sophistication: accurate quartz movement, a synthetic, sapphire, scratch resistant crystal protecting the dial, waterproof (to 30 meters deep), and a stainless steel case.  It costs $900, and promises to stand the test of time.

Measurements: 7 inch bracelet/strap length.  Case diameter: 27.5 mm. Case thickness: 10 mm.

There are a few drawbacks to mention:  in keeping with Gucci’s simple elegance, there are no markers on the dial.  Some individuals see this as a drawback.  It’s definitely a matter of personal choice: numbers might help some tell the time better.  Or, some people view the dial as naked without the obligatory digits. But if you are a fan of Gucci’s refined minimalism, you’ll feel at home in this watch.  In addition, the Gucci U-Play YA129501 is similar in appearance to many other watches on the market.  White and silver are some of the most popular colors for watches today, and women have lots of brands and models to choose from.  Some may find a comparable watch (in appearance, but not quality) at a lower price, and decide to buy that watch instead of investing $900 in this model.

Gucci U-Play YA129501 Pros:

  • Interchangeable bands and bezel covers for two looks in one watch
  • Beautiful-looking, with signature Gucci simplicity
  • Waterproof to depth of 30 meters
  • Durable stainless steel
  • A scratch-resistant, synthetic sapphire crystal protects dial
  • 24 month warranty
  • Some people prefer markers on the dial for accurate time-keeping.
  • Competes with similar-looking watches at lower prices.
Overall, the Gucci U-Play YA129501 is a very versatile, high-quality watch, that can be sophisticated or casual with two bands and bezel covers to interchange.  It has a timeless, classic look and is made to be durable for years of wear.  Gucci has made a luxury ladies watch with a more casual look compared to many of its other watches, but women who prefer the reliability, quality, and clean look of Gucci will invest in this watch and enjoy it for many years to come.


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