15 Dec 2011

Gucci U-Play YA129412 Review

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Written by: Garrett Miller

With Gucci’s U-Play line of watches, you can be in total control of your look. That’s because these watches feature interchangeable bezel and strap sets that allow you to switch up your watch’s style on the go. Consider the Gucci U-Play YA129412, for which you begin with a polished steel bangle and mesh motive bezel. However, additional strap and bezel sets can be purchased and changed with the same watch face any time you want. This means you can remove your polished steel set after work and, in mere seconds, you can substitute an elegant gold Guccissima leather set for a fancy night on the town, funky mauve rubber for a fun, feminine look, or even a durable white nylon strap for casual activities like golf or tennis.

Each watch in the collection features a striking silver dial with the stylish interlocking “G” insignia that will give your timepiece that classic Gucci flare. The U-Play YA129412 is no exception. The variability of styles in terms of bands is tempered by the watch face’s relative minimalism. The lack of markings on the dial gives the face a smooth, sleek appearance, allowing it to be at once elegant and able to pair well with such a variety of bracelet styles.

A sleek, modern iteration of the Gucci U-Play Collection

About this watch:

Crafted in Switzerland

Sun-brushed silver dial with interlocking “G” design

Water-resistant up to a depth of 30 meters (99 feet)


Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement

Sapphire scratch-resistant crystal with anti-reflective coating

Polished steel bangle

Polished steel mesh motive bezel

Polished steel case

35 mm case diameter for Medium; 27 mm case diameter for Small

7’’ (17.8 cm) bracelet length

Jewelry clasp

Comes with a 2-year warranty



The U-Play YA129412 retails from Gucci at $845.


The Gucci U-Play YA129412 is such a versatile watch, it is hard to pinpoint any inherent flaws. If one must be brought up, it would be regarding the watch face itself, particularly the design. Its lack of markings, along with the silver hands on the silver face make it a bit difficult to read. The watch therefore functions better as a decorative piece than a timepiece.

The Bottom Line 

The U-Play YA129412 is a fun, versatile watch that will ensure you always have the right look for the right occasion. Coming in at under four figures, it is a relatively affordable way to look chic while sporting that Gucci logo.


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