01 Aug 2011

Gucci U-Play Timepiece YA129508

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Written by: Robin Comita

Gucci U-Play Collection Black Watch YA129508

Gucci U-Play Collection Black Leather Watch

The Gucci U-Play collection is a new watch collection from a time honored designer brand. As a Gucci product, this U-Play watch is nearly guaranteed to delight customers.
It comes in sizes medium and small with seven variations, including rubber, nylon, steel, technologic satin, ostrich, and lizard straps.
The time piece comes in a steel case with a silver dial and black leather strap. The strap  boasts two polished steel bangles which can connect to your jewelry or simply add a stylish flourish to the leather strap. It also has a green and red stripe at the four o’clock mark.
One of the unique features of this watch is the removable strap. In addition to the watch face, you can purchase any number of straps and use them interchangeably. For the style conscious customer, the straps can be changed to compliment numerous ensembles without changing your time piece. The strap simply snaps off with a push of the hand and snaps back into place. The straps also have matching bezels, so the color of the watch’s circumference can also match the strap if desired.

The dial is a sleek, brushed silver face bearing the Gucci trademark interlocking “G” design. The dial also bears the Gucci name at the 12 o’clock mark in small black lettering and reads “Swiss Made” in small font across the bottom. The official Swiss Made trademark represents a watch made in a long, estimable tradition of Swiss watchmaking. In order to bear the Swiss Made label, the majority of the watch’s parts must be manufactured and assembled in Switzerland, ensuring that the movement is of Swiss origin and design.

Gucci U-Play Collection Black and White Watches

Gucci U-Play Collection Black and White Watches

The watch’s face is also made of the finest type of crystal, sapphire crystal. This variety of crystal is the most durable and the most expensive kind on the market, so you will not have to worry about the watch’s face scratching or breaking. The other two most commonly used types of crystal for watches are acrylic and mineral. Sapphire crystal is three times stronger than mineral crystal, and 20 times more durable than acrylic. The crystal has also been painted with anti-reflective coating to prevent and minimize glare. Perhaps the most ostensible weakness of the U-Play collection is the readability. The face is a shinny silver color with matching silver hands and no markers for the exact time. This could make the clock difficult to read at times, even with a glare preventing coating on the crystal.

The U-Play is available for purchase online in several locations. You might try these links:

  • Official Gucci website for $650: http://www.gucci.com/us/styles/269398J6AX08489#
  • Jomashop for $422.50: http://www.jomashop.com/gucci-u-play-ya129508.html
  • Macy’s (without stripe detail) for $650: http://www1.macys.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?ID=559041&CategoryID=24058

This watch is built of fine and durable materials. Not only is the crystal face nearly unscratchable, but the stainless steel frame resists rust and other water damage. The U-Play is water resistant up to 100 feet (30 meters) and it runs on a Swiss Made Ronda quartz movement, which ensures excellent accuracy. It’s a stylish and reliable find!

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