13 Aug 2011

Gucci U-Play Ladies Steel Watch- YA129407

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The Gucci U-Play is specifically designed to have interchangeable bezels and straps, so that you can mix and match to get the look you want. The U-Play YA129407 promises a great watch, that will look fantastic with many different styles. This particular watch is a great one to start off your U-Play collection, or just an elegant watch all on its own.

What is most striking about this watch is its silver design. The fine steel glows and gives the watch a great vibrant look. The bracelet and case are fine steel in a mesh pattern. The dial is minimal, with a silver theme, has no markers or numerals, and has silver hands. The Gucci name logo appears in the 12 0’clock position. The silver of this watch is classic, and the mesh design is very distinctive, and gives it the feel of fine jewelry. The minimalist design also will ensure that this watch will work well with may different looks.

This U-Play is fine, accurate, and Swiss made. You can be sure it will work, and it will stand up to daily wear with scratch resistant glass, and water resistance up to 30 meters. In addition, it carries with it the Gucci name, and it is fully deserving of that distinction, both because of its style and its quality.

With a price of $400-$500 this watch is a great deal, but it is not for everyone. The watch’s minimalistic dial means that it is difficult to read the exact time, so if function is your primary concern this isn’t the best pick. The uniform silver look looks really good, and is sure to look great in formal attire. Overall this watch is very elegant without being overdone. Of course, what really sets this watch apart is its unique interchangeability. With minimal difficulty you can remove the case and bracelet from this watch and put a new one on. Gucci supports the U-Play models with kits of many types of styles and material. With this watch you can change your look to the occasion. Whether it is a formal event, or an everyday one, you can be sure you can find the style you want. The great thing about getting this watch in particular is that no matter what other type of kits you get you will always have a great classic silver look to go back to. Apart from the interchangeability this watch does not have any other notable features, but for its price it’s a good deal. What you get with this watch is a simple, stylish, versatile watch at a great price.

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