12 Aug 2011

Gucci U-Play Kit with Gold Leather Watch Case and Bracelet- YFA50025

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The Gucci U-Play is designed with individuality in mind. It is made with an easily removable and attachable bezels and bracelets, to ensure a high range of customization. Apart from buying watch sets from Gucci that contain everything: the case, the dial, the bracelet, and the bezel, you can also buy kits that offer new styles of straps and bezels, for customers that already have complete U-Play watches. The YFA50025 is one such kit, offering a golden leather strap and matching bezel, which promises a sleek stylish look.

The straps have a bronze color, and are made from fine calfskin leather  imprinted with Gucci’s ‘G’ logo. The strap has a clasp and is easily removable. The bezel has the same color, and a steel edge. To make it clear: this kit does not come with any timepiece. This product is an accessory for a finely made timepiece. U-Play watches are finely made with protective features, and they promise accuracy and style. You can be comfortable in buying this product, knowing that it is designed as a fashionable, well-made timepiece that is made to last.

With a price around $200 these kits are not cheap.  $200 seems like a lot to pay for these watch accessories. Customers should be aware that this product is well made, and carries with it the style and quality of  Gucci, but it is a lot to pay if this is something that you would not use very often. The question of whether or not this product is worth it depends on how you are going to use it. Simply liking the look that this kit offers may not be enough for you to invest in it. If you like the current style of your watch then you may not see the need to change it, but more than likely if you have a U-Play it is because the personalization features appeal to you; if so, this product can be a great addition to your U-Play collection.

With this kit you get a fun look, while the metallic color real makes the watch look elegant. The color and style is a little non-traditional, but it is sure to look great. The YFA50025 is sure to look great with whatever you wear, but with a $200 price for an accessory you should really ask yourself if the optional customization this watch offers is worth the price before you invest in this piece of the U-Play collection.

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