13 Jan 2012

Gucci U-Play Kit Small Lizard Watch Case YFA49001

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Written by: Aidan Noda

White Lizard Gucci Watch Kit YFA49001

The modern design of the Gucci YFA49001 Watch Kit

Do you wish that you could change your watch’s color to suit your mood? Well with Gucci’s new series of U-Play watches you can! The Gucci U-Play Kit Small Lizard Watch Case YFA49001 is the perfect addition to any person’s ensemble. It shows off an individuals fashion forward ideals and creativity. This watch band is very unique, which allows you to show off your quirky side by buying this product.

This watch strap kit is made from genuine white lizard skin. This crazy idea could only have been executed properly by a company that has years of experience in the watch making business and in the fashion industry. Any other company would have failed in providing a stylish product with such a strange material, but Gucci has proven itself once again with this addition to its U-Play line up.

The white lizard skin is a very stylish and innovative in its appearance. It appears very modern and fashion forward. You will be the envy of every person around you when they notice the fashionable mix of material and color. The watch features a white leather bezel and it has steel horsebit icons on accents. The watch is also secured with a silver buckle clasp. Additionally, there is a stylish silver D-clasp that is close to the watch face. The clasps make a perfect paired design on the watch strap.

Front View of the YFA49001 White Lizard Skin Watch

The front view of this stylish watch strap

The bottom of the strap has a mark that boldly states that it is made of genuine lizard. It appears brown in color with the traditional Gucci double stamped G markings. The watch also features six holes for adjusting the tightness of the watch, which is more than enough for the average woman. The bottom of the strap is a very nice touch from the white appearance of the watch.

The Gucci line of U-Play watches features  fresh, unique, and innovative, technology that shows why Gucci has had such an influential effect on the fashion industry. Gucci products are now made in a factory in Switzerland and the line of U-Play watches demonstrates the Swiss engineering and ingenuity made apparent by their fresh designs. The U-Play series of watches are designed to be easily interchangeable and this watch strap kit is no exception. The lizard skin watch strap design will create the perfect modern look that any woman is trying to find this year. It is designed to be switched with any watch kit with a small case size. There are numerous other designs in the U-Play watch series by Gucci and you should try to find the material and color that complements your individuality the most.

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