14 Jan 2012

Gucci U-Play Kit Small Black Patent Leather Watch Case YFA50001

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Written by: Aidan Noda

Gucci YFA50001 U-Play Small Black Patent Leather Watch case

The classy elegant look of Gucci

Do you have trouble picking watches? Or maybe you find the perfect watch only to change your mind a few months later. How would you feel if you could change the color of your watch numerous times without having to buy a new watch? With the Gucci U-Play Small Black Leather Watch Case Kit YFA50001 you can change the appearance of your watch, while keep the inside dial and mechanics the same. Waste no more time trying to reset a new watch or learn how to best read time with it. With the U-Play line of watches you can switch your watch strap band in matter of seconds.

The epitome of style for the U-Play line of watches is definitely the YFA50001 with its classy, elegant, and tasteful all black leather design. This watch strap shows style with its genuine leather appearance and since its Gucci you know it is the best. The front of the watch band showcases the dark deep black with an offset of two D-shaped clasps that are near the base of the watch head. The watch has two leather bands that shine of beauty and there are six holes that allow you to make quick adjustments on the fly. The bottom of the strap is light brown in color. There are small subtle double G markings that show off the Gucci brand label. There is also an indication that the product is made from genuine leather although that is not really necessary since it is Gucci and they don’t mess around when it comes to materials.

This product comes in a stunning brown box that is lined with a gentle brown cloth. The perfect arrangement of style and productivity. The box really shows off the character of the watch with the contrast between deep black and light brown. Everyone will be impressed when you give this gift to that special someone or you can impress your friends when you buy this product for yourself. With the Gucci line of U-Play watches you can be sure to be the envy of everyone’s eyes. If you ever get tired of the sleek black look you can always switch to another color material as Gucci makes numerous variations of this watch series. You will never be bored again or have trouble matching your watch with your dresses with the line of U-Play Gucci watches. Treat yourself this year to a little box of Gucci.

The Gucci YFA50001 U-Play Small Black Patent Leather Watch Case

Once you open this box, you will experience the Gucci life

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