01 Aug 2011

Gucci U-Play Collection Timepiece YA129507

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Written by: Robin Comita

Gucci U-Play Collection Silver Shimmer Watch

Gucci U-Play Collection Silver Shimmer Watch YA129507

This is a playful and glamorous watch from the Gucci U-Play collection for ladies. It shimmers with silver sparkles while maintaining a classy feel that Gucci is famous for. It’s hard to go wrong with a watch from the new Gucci U-Play women’s watch collection, and this time piece is no exception!

The U-Play is designed to be glamorous and reliable. It is made of quality, durable materials which promise this watch a long lifetime of use and wear. The case is made of stainless steel to prevent dents, rust and other water damage. The crystal face is also made of sapphire crystal, the finest crystal for watches on the market.

Sapphire crystal is superior to other commonly used types of crystal, mineral and acrylic, in several notable ways. It is scratch resistant and impressively durable. Sapphire crystal is three times stronger than mineral crystal and 20 times more durable than acrylic. The official Gucci website claims that it is unscratchable, and the face is also painted with an anti-reflective coating to assist readability.

Another pleasing aspect of the U-Play is its versatility. It comes in seven styles and varieties, all of which are interchangeable. Each strap also has a matching bezet, so the circumference of the watch’s face will match the strap. The alternate styles include lizard, leather, ostrich, steel, nylon, technologic satin and rubber. With this many options, there is a U-Play style for any occasion!

The watch styles are easy to change as well. With one snap the bezel or strap comes off and another may be substituted. This video demonstrates the simple on/off motion:

The U-Play features a movement made in Switzerland and bears the “Swiss Made” quality label across the bottom of the face. The label ensures that the majority of the watch’s parts were manufactured and assembled in Switzerland and thus have been held to their notoriously high quality standards.

The dial flaunts an interlocking “G” design in honor of the Gucci label. It is a classy, sun brushed silver face with matching silver hands. However, this watch is not designed for its readability. The stainless steel hands and dial make the time low contrast and potentially difficult to determine. Furthermore, there are no markers or numerals on the dial, so telling the time may become approximate. There is also no second hand.

This watch is available from Interwatches.com and it is featured on the Gucci Timeless website. However, it is more difficult to find than some of the other U-Play styles. Here are some links to browse for further inquiries:

  • Interwatches.com for $458: .interwatches.com
  • Gucci Timeless, not for sale: guccitimeless.com

This watch is water resistant up to 100 feet or 30 meters when submerged. However, it is not designed for extensive underwater use. Despite its low readability, this watch is high quality, durable, and stylish. Its a truly stunning timepiece for any collection!

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