31 Jul 2011

Gucci U-Play Collection Time Piece YA129506

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Gucci U-Play Collection Silver Watch

Gucci U-Play Collection Silver Watch YA129506

Written by: Robin Comita

This is a classic, simple and sleek timepiece from the recent Gucci U-Play watch collection. It features a plain but stylish silver tone bracelet which will compliment any ensemble and never goes out of style.

In contrast to other stainless steel watches, this watch also features a red and green stripe design encircling the face. This additional touch of style is guaranteed to spice up your look. Who wants their new watch to look generic? This Gucci time piece is sure to set you apart!

The U-Play collection is also built of fine and durable materials. The watch boasts a Swiss Made Ronda quartz movement and bears the official Swiss Made label along the bottom of the face. This label represents a long tradition of crafting the finest and most cutting-edge watches in the market. It also ensures that the majority of the watch’s parts are manufactured and assembled in Switzerland, and therefore adhere to their stringent standards for quality watch making.

This variety is available in two sizes, medium and small. The medium size case measures 35.00 mm wide, and the small is 27.00  mm wide. Both sizes come in seven styles and the straps and bezels are also changeable. In addition to the stainless steel, the varieties include leather, lizard, ostrich, technologic satin, nylon and rubber straps and bezels. The many styles ensure that your watch can be worn on nearly any occasion. As the straps and bezels are interchangeable, to alter your look simply remove one style and snap the preferred style on.

The official Gucci website also claims this watch is unscratchable. The face is made of the finest crystal, sapphire crystal. This type of crystal is often manufactured in a laboratory and offers the most effective scratch-resistant surface for your watch. Compared to the other two most commonly used types of crystal in watches, mineral and acrylic, sapphire crystal is far superior. It is three times more durable than mineral crystal and 20 times stronger than acrylic. The crystal is also painted with an anti-reflective coating to assist readability.

The dial flaunts an interlocking “G” design in honor of Gucci. It is a brushed silver color although it is made of stainless steel. The watch hands are a very similar tone of silver, and this makes the dial very low contrast. The most ostensible deficiency of this watch is the dial as it does not promote accurate time reading. The readability of this product may be relatively low or difficult to see at times, even with the anti-reflective coating, as there are no time markers or numerals on the dial.

The Gucci U-Play is water resistant up to 100 feet or 30 meters when submerged in liquid but it is not designed for extensive underwater use. Overall, this is another luxury timepiece from a stylish, designer brand!



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