31 Jul 2011

Brighten Up: Gucci Women’s U-Play Accented Bezel and White Leather Strap YFA50031 Review

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Written By: Melissa Harrel

Gucci Women’s U-Play Accented Bezel and White Leather Strap U-Play YFA5003

Band and Bezel (with watch)

Change is in the air . . . but only if you want it to be.  If you’re up for something new, look no further than the Gucci Women’s U-Play Accented Bezel and White Leather Strap YFA50031.  As part of a collection that lets you interchange your band and bezel with your timepiece, you can modify your look . . . or keep just as it is with the classic simplicity of this Gucci ensemble.

A cheerful, white leather engraved with interspersed Gucci “Gs” call the eye and decorate the wrist. The band’s crisp and clean design, offset with silver accents, give this watch a “fresh” appeal, and with the a web of red and green heralding the 4 o’clock position, the bezel doesn’t disappoint.  The mixture of classic with contemporary gives this combo a sense of originality and balance.

The versatile nature of this band and bezel is among is the set’s greatest achievements.   At 27 mm across the analog face, this watch isn’t a nuisance on the wrist, but with its bright white glow, you might opt for a more neutral color some days.  The brushed silver face, with a distinctive, but subtle interlocking “G” design, complements the white leather and silver accents.  This band will take you most often to the more comfortable side of your wardrobe, but won’t clash with a business casual look.  This white leather band and bezel won’t make the cut if you’re looking for something more ornate.  Those looking for to dress the wrist and the wardrobe might amend their price cap and look into Gucci’s 1921 collection or Marina Chain collection.  For a casual sleek look, however, the Gucci Women’s U-Play Accented Bezel and White Leather Strap YFA50031 will keep you in style, while giving you the flexibility to change at cost that, for a Gucci timepiece, won’t send you reeling.

Band/Bezel Features

  • Embossed guccissima white leather strap with accents
  • Silver ardillon buckle

Watch Features

  • Swiss Made, Quartz movement
  • Brushed Silver dial with interlocking “G” pattern
  • Scratch-resistant, anti-reflection Sapphire crystal
  • 2-year warranty
  • Water-resistant to 3 atm (100 feet/30 meters)


  • Works interchangeably within U-Play collection (small version)
  • Simple twist-to-remove bezel/band feature for quick style modifications
  • Backed by reputable craftsmanship
  • May be purchased as a band/bezel variation on its own or with watch


  • No digits on watch face
  • Requires some time to modify bezel and band
  • Casual style limits versatility

Decision Time
For the casual, but classy option this band and bezel duo provide, the Gucci Women’s U-Play Accented Bezel and White Leather Strap YFA50031, though perhaps not first in class, still easily makes the grade. This versatile combo lightens the wrist and catches the eye for $195 (bezel and band).   Add the watch to pay a total of $650, but shop around the online retailers, who start pricing nearer to $450.

Additional Details
Retail Price: $195 (band and bezel); $650 (with watch)
Collection: U-play, small version
Case: Stainless steel
Bezel Variations: polished steel, web glaze, leather, leather with green-red-green web at 4 o’clock, lizard, ostrich, nylon, technologic satin or rubber
Band Variations: available in a variety of finishes; materials include polished steel, leather, lizard, ostrich, nylon, technologic satin or rubber

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