15 Jan 2012

Gucci YA112514 Women’s Watch Review

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Written by: Phuc (Jen) Huynh


Gucci is one of the world’s leading producers and distributors of the finest timepieces, producing only the most aesthetic and creative watches. Under Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini, the Gucci YA112514, part of the Gucci Twirl Watch collection, is a playful and versatile timepiece that brilliantly transforms from a lovely watch into a gorgeous bangle. It features a rotating case back that can close itself to hide the watch face, setting in a 24-millimeter case with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a sun-brushed black dial with silver hands and double Gucci logos. The case, bezel, and crown are all crafted from stainless steel, moved by Swiss-quartz movement and is water resistant up to 99 feet or 30 meters. The Gucci logo is on the central dial, the dial color is a mother-of-pearl pink, and pristine diamonds are skillfully encrusted entirely around the round watch face.

This is trend setting statement piece for the vibrant and youthful woman in her twenties. It exudes exuberance and class, a chic piece jewelry that boldly commands the center stage’s spotlight. Gucci’s attention to details can be fully appreciated through the way the sparkling G at center of the hand dials, with the Gucci name to complement it, the star-studded diamonds to jazz up this fine all in one fashion statement. You’re not only getting an amazing Gucci timepiece but an gorgeous Gucci bangle; this is a very versatile piece that is a great addition to any trendsetter’s collection.

The Gucci YA112514 is not a timepiece that accurately tells time, it is timepiece that reflects the vogue of the 21st century for the lively and elegant young woman. Marvel at the way her wrist is adorned with this beautiful timepiece, as she consciously sways it back and forth to let the lights reflect its glamour and her tasteful style. She can wear a sequin, cocktail, lacy, wrap, maxi, and baby doll dress to adorn this masterpiece with. Or she can bring out a youthful sophistication by matching it up with a fashionable blazer. Nothing says glamorous chic like a pink colored timepiece. And if the vibrant and youthful woman likes to travel lightly, this is the perfect piece of jewelry that can impress and turn heads in any city.

The retail price is $1995.00 and it is quite an expensive purchase, but expect nothing less from Gucci than quality and aestheticism. Consider buying this for a special occasion; for your lover, wife, daughter, sister, cousin, auntie and especially for yourself. A perfect gift for the newly high school or college graduate to send them on their way to the road of success. And nothing says success like a masterpiece that sits elegantly on the wrist. There are variations, different colors, settings; the Gucci Ya112514 is for the delicate young woman who is a trendsetter; playful and fun, daring to be vulnerable and bold with this chic piece.

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