06 Aug 2011

Gucci Women’s Brown Leather Twirl – YA112433

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The Gucci Twirl is an innovative product, in that it is a watch that can give the look and feel of a bracelet. With a thick leather bracelet and steel case it is an undeniably distinctive watch. The defining feature of this watch is that the case of the watch is on an axis that can be rotated, so that the bracelet itself is the focus. 

The Gucci Twirl YA112433 has an unusually thick leather bracelet, the same diameter as the case. This gives the watch a uniform thickness all around. The leather is fine calf hide, and is inscribed with small imprints of the Gucci logo. The bracelet has steel edges, as well as a steel clasp . The clasp is hidden, giving it more of bracelet look. However, around the clasp there is a large area of steel. At first glance, this watch appears to have leather going all around, when in fact a large portion of the side opposite the dial is steel.

This product is called the “Twirl”, because the watch can be rotated. Rotating it gives the watch a thick bangle look, but this watch definitely is not a bracelet. The steel edges and case give it away. On the underside of the case the steel is inscribed with small imprints of the Gucci logo like on the bracelet.

This watch is made of  fine materials, and  is undeniably well crafted. The glass is scratch resistant, and has an anti-reflective treatment. This watch is sure to be accurate, and last.

The dial itself is minimal; there are no numerals or time markers on this watch, so reading the time with precision is going to be difficult. The Gucci name logo is in the 12 o’clock position.  There are two straight steel hands, on a bronze background. The dial color looks great in contrast with the darker brown leather, and matches the steel case. The minimalistic nature of the watch isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it gives the watch a sleek streamlined look. At any rate the bezel part of this watch is not even its most striking feature. The bracelet is much more eye-catching.

With the YA112433, Gucci has made a watch that is unconventional. It looks great, but not in any traditional sense. The leather gives it even less of a typical watch feel in contrast to some of the other steel Twirl models. With a price around $600 this is great price for a luxury watch, but if your looking for something timelessly classic this isn’t the best choice. This watch will look great,  is backed by the quality of Gucci, and with its unusual style it is sure to turn some heads.



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