19 Nov 2011

Gucci Women’s 112 Twirl YA112504

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Picture of Gucci Women's Twirl

The bangle design of this wrist watch is decidedly unique and has an elegance that truly earns the Gucci name.

Written By: Kaelyn Harding

Fashionistas gird your loins! The new  Gucci Women’s 112 Twirl YA112504 wrist watch is a stunning example of metalwork and high-quality craftsmanship at its best. But be warned, the price may make you flinch. This is not a product for the faint of pocket-book!

The Twirl is a metal Bezel bangle set with no less than 72 genuine diamonds. These glittering gems are cut with the utmost precision to deliver a fantastic sparkle from any angle. The bracelet is polished steel and the clear covering of the clock face is made of the finest sapphire-crystal which is both scratch-resistant and anti-reflective. The steel band is engraved in an elegant cross-hatched pattern and the raised borders along the edges help to draw the pattern and the circular dial together. The dial itself rotates in its setting for easy access to the time.

Perks of this watch include a lifetime-guarantee of replacement batteries for this beautiful bangle. The YA112504 is also guaranteed a free wrist-fitting to ensure that the Twirl you purchase is something that will fit comfortably and beautifully for your entire life. Water resistant and quite literally covered in diamonds, this watch is the utmost expression of luxury. It truly takes Gucci to be able to make an accessory with this many precious stones in it not look tacky or like a piece of costume-jewelry.

The Twirl is one of the boldest statements a woman can make: especially when it comes to bank statements after the purchase. The Twirl is currently set to sell at a staggering $3,625. For the number of diamonds inside it, it is hardly a wonder, but clearly this watch is not and never was meant for the average woman’s income. The price aside, the YA112504 has no markings on the face of its dial, so telling the time can be quite literally impossible: since the clock rotates within its frame, it could be noon or six, three or seven. Your best bet with this product is to look at the sun, or better yet — ask someone with a better watch. The sad truth about the Twirl is that it is a glorified bracelet and has very little function beyond that.

If you are aching for an heirloom to pass onto grandchildren, consider the YA112504. Otherwise, avoid breaking the bank too badly.

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