23 Feb 2012

Gucci Twirl Black YA112529

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Gucci Twirl Black YA112529

The Gucci Twirl Black YA112529 might be a new classic.

Written by Leslie Foss

Gucci knows how to make a statement.  This Gucci Twirl Black YA112529 watch makes several.  Classy, thin and dressed in a quilted Gucci pattern, this timepiece would not look out of place on a celebrity.  Upon closer inspection, its minimalist dial is jet-black and surrounded by tiny diamonds.  No markers or number crowd the display; only GUCCI reads against the midnight.  Little hands keep time.  The result is a watch less for telling time (although it promises to be reliable for many years to come) and more for looking great on your wrist.

Gucci Twirl watches are bangles, so they feel differently on your arm.  They will not hug your wrist, but remain stiff and slide up and down. However, Gucci will size your Twirl for you to get a nice fit.  This model is the small version of the Twirl, at 24 mm wide.  The Twirl also comes in a thicker bangle.  You can also buy Twirl in silver or black stainless steel.

There’s a lot of love about the Gucci Twirl Black YA112529:


  • Stainless steel case and bangle-style band
  • Diamond bezel
  • Black dial with silver tone hands
  • Jewelry clasp
  • Quartz movement
  • Sapphire, scratch-resistant crystal
  • Water resistant depth 30 meters
  • 24 month warranty
  • Adjustable and sizeable
Price: $1,845.  However, with most luxury watches, a competitive internet marketplace means better prices for you.  I did some research and found some websites offering the Gucci Twirl Black YA112529 for up to $800 less.  Classybrand.com is selling it for $1,326; bluedial.com for $1,167.40; and watchesonnet.com for $1,095.  Most of these websites also give you a certificate of authenticity to guarantee the watch you buy is not a copy.
The Twirl is not a traditional watch.  It’s very fashionable and unique.  So, who is this watch for?
This watch is for you if: 
  • You are a Gucci brand lover
  • You tend to dress for high fashion
  • You want to make a fashion statement
This watch is not for you if:
  • You prefer a more traditional watch
  • The bangle style feels uncomfortable or awkward to you
  • You want numbers on your dial for accurate timekeeping

The Gucci Twirl is a popular watch style right now.  It perfectly complements today’s high fashion clothing:  especially leather, cashmere, silks, and combed cottons.  Twirl is also a natural complement to other jewelry.  Costume bracelets made of diamonds or onyx would look great, as well as gold or silver bangles.

With this strong statement watch in classy black, it looks like Gucci has made another “new classic” in the Gucci Twirl Black YA112529.


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