15 Aug 2011

Gucci Ladies Twirl Bangle Style Watch YA 112510

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Written by: Stevanie Medearis

This lovely watch by Gucci is made with a polished stainless steel bracelet and case. The white dial and silver hands give this bracelet watch an elegant look.

The jewelry clasp allows you to wear it and take off the watch quite simply. The bracelet is extra wide (23mm), which in my opinion really makes the watch look even more like a beautiful accessory –rather than just a timepiece.

Gucci Ladies Twirl Bangle Style Watch YA 112510

Gucci Ladies Twirl Bangle Style Watch YA 112510

Created with scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal, this bracelet watch is made to last. The Twirl Bangle YA112510 has precise Swiss Quartz movement, and is water-resistant for up to 30m.

This watch is equipped with my personal favorite type of display, analog. I think analog displays just look nicer. However, there are no numbers on the watch at all, which can make it a bit difficult to read the time –at least it can be difficult at a first glance. Some people may not like this, especially since the case is quite small (16mm in diameter).

I would have to say my favorite thing about this watch is the overall look of a bracelet accessory. I can just imagine wearing this watch anywhere, it’s almost hard to tell it’s a watch at a first glance. The Gucci Ladies Twirl Bangle Style Watch YA112510 has a very stylish look that fits almost any outfit. I really think the overall look of this watch is just perfect for going out on dates, wearing to work, or just about anywhere. The bracelet look of this watch makes it so versatile and perfect for so many occasions, also including job interviews, dances, trips to the grocery store, visits with the family, and even to work. I wouldn’t suggest wearing it while working out at the gym or while going on camping excursions though, as it could get in the way of some vigorous activities.

You could buy it for yourself, or purchase it for your wife, mom, sister, daughter, or friend. It’s a great gift idea for anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays. While it is expensive, the quality is worth it. Gucci is a name you can trust.

This particular watch is listed at $945 –which is actually a pretty reasonable price compared to other Gucci watches. With all the features, especially the scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal, this price is definitely worth the price of this watch.

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