01 Aug 2011

Gucci Collection Twirl Time Piece YA112432

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Written by: Robin Comita

Gucci Collection Twirl Watch YA112432

Gucci Collection Brown PVD Wash Twirl Watch YA112432

The Gucci Twirl timepiece is a unique watch with a chocolate colored bracelet and gold face. The watch has a brown PVD treatment and a sun brushed dial which contribute to this glamorous and luxurious watch!

There are several variations offered for the Twirl time piece, including polished steel, black PVD treatment, polished steel and GG plus fabric, and polished steel and Guccissima leather. The Twirl is water resistant up to 100 feet (30 meters) except the fabric and leather pieces, which are not water resistant.

The bracelet of this watch boasts the Gucci brand name countless times in a pattern covering the whole strap. The logo appears as a small double “G” shape with a couple dots between each logo. This design creates a diamond pattern around the bracelet.

The Twirl has a unique appearance which sets it apart from other luxury watches. The bracelet is wide and the watch’s face is relatively small. It comes in two sizes: the large case measures 23.50 mm wide and the small is 16.80 wide. Compared to other watches from recent Gucci collections, even the large size case is small. The case also rotates and features a crown at 6 o’clock. The “GG” logo is also engraved in the back of the case.

The face is without hour markers or numerals but features the Gucci name across the dial. In small lettering across the bottom of the face it also bears the “Swiss Made” trademark, which ensures a quality made Swiss watch. The Swiss Made logo assures buyers that the watch is primarily manufactured and assembled in Switzerland, and therefore it is held to their notoriously high quality standards.

The watch hands are a simple silver color, which contrast nicely against the sun brushed dial and assist readability. The face is also made of sapphire crystal, the finest kind of crystal used for watchmaking. This crystal is the most durable type and resists scratching. The official Gucci website calls it “unscratchable” crystal. Moreover, the inside of the crystal is brushed with a layer of anti-reflective coating to prevent obnoxious

Gucci Collection Women's Twirl Watches

Gucci Collection Women's Twirl Watches

glares and reflections. These aspects of the watch ensure that it will live a long, serviceable life for you and to your benefit.

The dial is also available in mother of pearl and lacquered finishing. The closing system is a jewelry clasp.

The Twirl is available online from these vendors:

  • ericross.co.uk
  • maier.fr
  • gucci.com in five variations, but not with the brown PVD treatment
  • bloomingdales.com without the brown PVD treatment

The watch runs on a Swiss Made Ronda quartz movement, and is made of quality and luxurious materials. It has a small face which could make it difficult to read at times, but overall the Gucci Twirl is a great and reliable find!

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