27 Dec 2011

The Gucci Tornabuoni YA119508 Ladies Watch: A Gucci for dress and class under $1,000

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Written By: Joseph Winn

Some watches are happy to be just a watch, while some offer many functions besides answering the question of what time it is. The Gucci YA119508 Women’s Tornabuoni Watch edges towards being a watch as a piece of jewelry, rather than a piece of clothing defined by its function.

The Tornabuoni is a rectangular face watch, void of a numerical face or second set of hands for dates or stop-watch functionality. The Gucci YA119508 has a stainless steel band that features ringlets near the face and the clasp, making the watch appear more like a bracelet than just a timepiece. In this matter, the Tornabuoni is not a watch intended to be hidden underneath a sleeve. Much like a bracelet, this Gucci would look at home dangling on the wrist as you reach for your glass at a nice dinner party.

Feature wise, the Gucci Tornabuoni carries the same 2-year warranty of most Gucci watches. The display type is analog, with a synthetic sapphire window dial covering. So while the watch appears ornamental, it lacks some of the more expensive adornments of a diamond jeweled bezel or the true sapphire glass covering that the more expensive models feature. This makes the price of the watch more attractive, but some may insist on a more jeweled and dazzling dress watch.


  • Elegant rectangular style
  • Bracelet-like stainless steel band
  • Standard Gucci warranty of 2 years
  • Fashionable and elegant without breaking the $1,000 price point

    The clasp and strap side of a Gucci Tornabuoni YA119508

    The steel rings of the Tornabuoni give the watch a bracelet feel


  • Lacks some of the more luxurious qualities
  • No extra features such as date, stop-watch or alarm
  • Synthetic Sapphire covering not as long lasting

Overall, Gucci’s Tornabuoni, makes for a delicate looking watch, being visually attractive while not glittering with jewels. This is a watch meant to be beautiful yet modest. The silver and gray face marks this statement by its own remarkable balance of elegance without sparkle. This is not to say that the watch lacks any sparkle, but that the watch is placing itself in a wider range of attire. After all, the time points of the watch are diamonds and not a more practical numerical approach. This allows the watch to

fit with a dress and with a business professional look of the working days.

If you are looking for a ladies’ watch that is both classy and fitting for more than the infrequent occasion, then the Gucci Tornabuoni YA119508 may be right for you. Your choice may depend on your own price point and how far you lean between having your watch be practical or decorative.

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