07 Jan 2012

Gucci Tornabuoni Women’s Stainless Steel Quartz Watch (YA119510)

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Written by: Katherine Chen

How many people can say that they have a luxury watch that doubles as an art piece? If you own the Gucci Tornabuoni Women’s Stainless Steel Quartz Watch (YA119510), you can answer yes to that question. The Tornabuoni collection offers beautiful watches with precision Swiss quartz movement that will not only keep accurate time, but also serve as a fashion statement for the discerning woman.

Gucci Tornabuoni Women’s Stainless Steel Quartz Watch (YA119510)

The Gucci Tornabuoni Women's Quartz Watch is named after the street in Florence where the House of Gucci was founded, and bears the luxurious design that is a Gucci hallmark.

The Gucci Tornabuoni YA119510 is an excellent watch that is durable yet fashionable. This watch possesses a quartz movement that is accurate and will not require winding or resetting. The watch face is made of anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, which will help protect the watch as you go about your everyday business. The watch and band are also made of highly polished stainless steel, for a classic look that is also functional. The band has a jewelry clasp and is also resizable. The Gucci Tornabuoni YA119510 is waterproof up to 30 meters (99 feet), and combined with the sapphire watch face, makes for a watch that can withstand everyday use yet still is aesthetically pleasing.

The Gucci Tornabuoni YA119510 has a unique and striking silver-and-red color scheme that sets it apart from other women’s watches. The watch face itself is a rectangular shape that imparts a modern and sleek design. The color of the dial is a dark, rich red that evokes a sense of high fashion, and is rarely found on other watches. The Tornabuoni also has luxurious diamonds embedded on each quarter-hour mark, silver hour and minute hands, and the signature Gucci GG pattern etched onto the watch face. The stainless steel bracelet is comprised of linked horsebit elements as well as a traditional band, as an additional delicate and feminine touch.

If you do decide to purchase this watch, you will not only buy a reliable timepiece, but also the timelessness of the House of Gucci. The Tornabuoni collection is named after the famous street in Florence where the Gucci family founded its venerable fashion line. Gucci is known for dressing celebrities from Salma Hayek to Robert Pattinson and includes spokesmodels like Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood. When you wear this watch you will be bearing the namesake of the birthplace of this illustrious brand.

There are, however, certain elements that are missing from this watch. Most prominently, the watch face does not display an hour index, which could make it hard for you to tell the time with a quick glance. There is also no date display on the watch face. Because of those missing features, this watch is intended for regular and fashion use—not for a woman who relies on her watch for anything more than telling time.

All in all, the Gucci Tornabuoni Women’s Stainless Steel Quartz Watch (YA119510)is a beautifully crafted timepiece that is sure to attract many compliments as you wear it at work and play. Be sure to shop around online to get steep discounts from the $950 MSRP! For alternate options, the Tornabuoni collection also offers watches with square and oval cases. Gucci also makes digital watches, such as the i-Gucci, that make reading time easier, and watches with date functionality, such as the g chrono or G-Timeless collections. The Tornabuoni, however, is a solid choice for a woman who wants a simple watch that will underscore her fashion style and elegant taste.

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