28 Jul 2011

Gucci Tornabuoni Black Diamond Women’s Watch YA119506 Review

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Written by: Kailan Kalina

Gucci Tornabuoni Black Diamond Women's Watch YA119506

Gucci Tornabuoni Black Diamond Women's Watch YA119506

Gucci has mastered the art of watchmaking with a wide range of classic collections, each with their own distinct nature. The Gucci Tornabuoni Black Diamond Women’s Watch YA119506 is part of a collection of watches that closely resemble dainty bracelets and bangles that many women accessorize with on a daily basis. However, this one in particular is just a little bit different from its companions in the collection.

The Tornabuoni YA119506 is ideal for any woman who is attracted to the idea of a watch face linked into a jewelry-like bangle. Its uniqueness comes from the longer case, which measures 17mm wide x 32 mm long. Most often in a watch, the color of the dial coordinates, or even matches that of the case and bracelet. However, the dial happens to be jet black and the rest of the timepiece is a smooth silver tone. The pattern of circles and tiny diamonds at twelve; three; six; and nine o’clock are perfect extra touches of detail. The stainless steel bracelet is secured around your wrist by a jewelry clasp.

Additional features:
• Swiss Quartz movement, a common element of most Gucci watches
• Silver-toned hands to stay uniform with the silver case and bracelet
• Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal for protection
• Diameter of case = 17 millimeters
• Water resistant up to 30 meters or 100 feet

The only real negative side to this watch is how it can be a little difficult to read an accurate time when the watch is this rectangular, and since it doesn’t have tick markers designating other hours between or minutes. Then again, this watch may be one that a woman would wear mainly for its splendor and similarity to fine jewelry. In that case, you may also like the Tornabuoni Silver Diamond Woman’s Watch YA199507 – it has the same exact traits as the YA199506, except for its silver dial. If you favor an oval look with the black dial, the YA118503 style would be the one for you.
You can purchase the Tornabuoni Black Diamond Watch YA119506 on any of these sites, which offer the best deals.
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