14 Jun 2012

The Gucci U-Play Watch Kit YFA50004

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Written by: Steven Barker

The Gucci U-Play Watch Kit YFA50004 is a mauve rubber kit that allows you to instantly change the look of your Gucci timepiece. The watch kit includes interchangeable pieces that can be used with any Gucci U-play watch with a medium case size, which is perfect for when you are looking for a fresh look or want to coordinate with your outfit. The mauve-colored rubber bezel gives off a contemporary feel. The rubber is durable and the strap secures with a buckle clasp. The strap is designed with stainless steel horsebit icons. The iconic Gucci double “G” is stamped on for added flavor. You can mix and match the kit with others from the Gucci U-Play collection to get a truly unique style that you can call your own.


Mauve rubber bezel

Stainless steel case

Mauve rubber GG strap with ardillon buckle

Three interchangeable pieces that fit any medium case U-play watch

The Gucci U-Play collection gives women the opportunity showoff their individuality with the interchangeable design.  With The Gucci U-Play Watch Kit you are never limited to a single color or style. The wearer can modify the watch to fit any occasion.  The stylish kits are available in a number of different colors and materials, from brown to pistachio and rubber to stainless steel. The options let the wearer indulge in her playful spirit and flirt with different looks. You could start the day with a modest look for work and end the day with an elegant look for a fancy dinner. Always keeping your look fresh. The possibilities are endless.

The Gucci U-Play Watch Kit YFA50004 is for the woman who doesn’t like going for the same old look all the time. The U-Play watch kit gives the wearer the opportunity to change with a simple and quick process. It only takes three simple steps: Unscrew the bezel and remove the two bracelet elements, insert the new bracelet, then simply screw the bezel back on. Voila! You have a new and stylish watch.

Before purchasing this kit the buyer should be aware that this is not actually a watch, but just a kit. The U-Play Mauve Watch Kit is meant to accentuate the U-Play watch you already own.

The particular accents included in The Gucci U-Play Watch Kit YFA50004 are the mauve rubber strap and the stainless steel case making this a must-have addition to any woman’s U-Play collection. This kit retails at $150.00.



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  1. My wife has a GUCCI watch model YA129411 U-Play Medium White Nylon and now she wants to change the band. However, I don’t clear understand below 2 points:
    1) What is the different of YFA50004 U-Play Kit Medium Mauve Rubber Watch Case and YFA50009 U-Play Kit Medium Mauve Rubber Watch Case ?
    2) Above any one is interchangable for her Gucci watch ?
    Thanks for attention and wait your answer, then I can have decision.

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