26 Dec 2011

The Gucci I-Gucci Digital Grammy Edition YA11421 Men’s Watch

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Written by: Phuc (Jen) Huynh

The Gucci I-Gucci Digital Grammy Edition YA11421 is inspired by Gucci’s partnership with the GRAMMY Awards in order to preserve the Arts (such as six cinema classics, historically historical moments, and recordings). A cosmopolitan watch that is versatile, it features a gold PVD case with diamond bezel, 44mm black LCD with gold digits, white rubber strap with the GRAMMY logo and an deployment clasp, water resistant up to 99 feet or (30 meters), Swiss 501 digital. Give it a flick and the broad face changes from a two-time zone dial in large digits to a streamlined version that features two discreet digital hands revealing local time. This watch is smooth balance of modern and geeky with a mixture of cool and hip.

The I-Gucci YA11421 is an everyday watch. You’ll be able the tell the time at a glance, so the everyday occasions of your life will run smoothly–not to mention stylishly. The gold on white blends perfectly together to create a clean and suave look. It’s best to wear this watch with neutral colored clothing but white and gold goes with just about anything. The fifty five diamonds on the bezel lend an elegant air to the watch and flawlessly brighten up your wrist. You’ll be eager to wake up every morning to put this impressive watch on. Not to mention this watch is unique because of the GRAMMY logo, so you’ll stand out in the crowd with this one of a kind watch.

The Gucci I-Gucci Digital Grammy Edition YA11421

The Grammy Logo On The Back

This watch is for the sporty and active man who isn’t too dressy and prefers to be comfortable yet still stylish and modern. You can wear it to run errands, go to class, coffee shops, the mall, the game, and more; this watch is quite versatile in this aspect. It’s also a ideal watch for men who travel a lot because the watch keeps track of more than one time zone so he won’t lose track of any time.

The GRAMMY logo can be a bit tacky for those of you who prefer your high-end watches logo free and yet on the other hand, it can be the selling point for those of you who desires a prestigious logo on your high end watch. (Or just the fact that you are a music lover and the GRAMMY logo is a symbol of inspiration for you). It’s a matter of taste, and with any watch that you wear, it should reflect who you are. This watch reflects a man who is both sporty and fashionable.

The Clasp

The clasp with Gucci etched on it.

This watch retails for $7,900.00 and is available through the Gucci website. The diamonds are round 57 facets, VVS clarify, F to G color and is handled in accordance with provision of Kimberly Process Certification Scheme. There are three variations to this watch collection and it’s entirely up to your taste and wardrobe which color you choose. If you tend to wear lightly colored clothing, then this watch is the best choice for you.

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