09 Jan 2012

Gucci Women’s YA121505 Marina Chain Quartz Watch Review

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If you want a blingy look and feel that screams Gucci from afar, and you don’t want to spend that college tuition, the Gucci Women’s YA121505 121 Marina Chain Quartz watch is the watch for you. I love this watch. It retails at $1345, but you can find it online for much less. Unlike the all-silver, round-faced, Gucci U-Play YA129502 with its hideously bland, flat band, the Women’s Marina Chain Quartz sports is a fashionably square, black dial against an oval bezel and diamond chain link bracelet, fabulously secured with a buckle clasp. If you are a smart shopper with a taste for brand recognition and a touch of bling, the Gucci YA121505 121 Marina Chain Quartz watch is definitely the way to go. If you’re into stylish diving, the Gucci Women’s YA121505 121 Marina Chain Quartz watch is also water resistant for up to 99 feet.

The Gucci Women’s YA121505 Marina Chain Quartz watch is fairly standard feature-wise, save for its scratch-resistant sapphire dial window. As far as inner workings, the Marina Chain Quartz watch offers no significant extras compared to other watches in its price range, apart from the Gucci name and some Gucci trademark aesthetics. You pay a few hundred extra as compared to a Timex because of the Gucci brand name but less than you would for some higher end Gucci models which sport silver and diamonds.  If you care more for the brand and the look versus the materials, this Gucci is a relatively inexpensive, fair-priced find. If you are not a brand snob, don’t bother with this watch. Consider sticking with a Timex in the double digits or an imitation sans the Gucci inscription.  However, if you can purchase the Marina Chain Quartz online at great discounts from its original retail price at $1345, bringing the price down significantly to hover around $700.

In summary, for brand snobs who enjoy admiration from fellow fashionistas, the GUCCI Women’s YA121505 121 Marina Chain Quartz watch is a smart buy that is worth the price. While it retails at $1345, there is one remaining on Amazon at $656 as of today. If you don’t want to pay through the nose, but you want to know what time it is in brand name style, hop online and purchase this stylish Gucci to add to your high-end collection.

Review by Amy Moolten

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