31 Jan 2012

Gucci U-Play YFA50033 Watch Review

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Written by Joshua Dhyani

The Gucci U-Play YFA50033 is a beautiful piece from Gucci’s U-Play collection that is both elegant and sport, as the name of the collection suggests. This timepiece is as luxurious as the name it bears and is sure to be a great addition to your collection. It really is more of a sporty watch, but paired correctly, this watch can be very versatile and is accommodating to a multitude of outfits. The white leather bezel is a very modern design that brightens up the watch considerably over a stainless steel or other more earthy tone. There is even more color coming from the nylon strap with stripes of green red and white. However, the silver framing of this watch as well as the sun-brushed dial, which features a very sleek interlocking “G,” helps bring everything together and create a sense of class.

The greatest thing about this particular watch is the interchangeability of the watches. The YFA50033 is just one of the many kits you can buy and use with this awesome timepiece. Changing out bezels or straps or both is easy and quick, and makes this a very versatile and economical piece to own. Because of the classic design of the dial, the Swiss quartz movement, and the scratch proof sapphire case, the watch itself is easy to use and can easily be paired with the many kits that Gucci offers.

I think this is a novel piece because it is like owning a whole bunch of watches in one. Because you only have to buy different kits to pair it with, you get a quality Gucci watch that goes with everything because it can be changed to match anything. This is a quality piece that offers a lot of possibilities. Looking at the U-Play collection you get the idea that this watch is for almost anyone as you just switch out the bracelet to match your needs. I think this concept makes it an especially good buy if it is your first Gucci timepiece, because if you do not like the style, you can simply switch it up with one of the other kits. This additionally makes it an excellent gift, because of the versatility offered.

If you are looking for a watch with  great versatility, luxury, sportiness, and style, all the while bearing the Gucci name. then this is the watch for you.

If you do not want a piece with a classic dial like this one, then avoid it because all the kits in the world can’t change the face.

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