22 May 2012

Gucci U-Play YFA50015 Kit Review

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by Erin Brogan

Why stick to one color and style when you can have an ever changing rainbow of amalgamating features to your favorite watch? The Gucci U-Play collection features interchangeable kits to match your watch to your outfit.

Instructions for Gucci U-Play Kit

Instructions for Gucci U-Play Kit


  • Changeable
  • Sizeable
  • Color-coordinated
  • Decently priced


  • Lose parts
  • Material

The Womens Gucci U-Play YFA50015 Kit features a deep chocolate brown countering the silver accented clips and outer bezel. Inside the kit you will find a set of straps, a clip-on bezel and a Gucci stamped holding case for days when you decide to wear your U-Play watch as-is. The case is made from a soft, fuzzy casing made to resist tarnish and scratches.

Instructions on putting together the U-Play Kit

Instructions on putting together the U-Play Kit


The bracelet straps are made from rubber, a water-resistant material that often looks cheap. Gucci managed to combine class with the plastic-looking material showing off its beauty and splendor. The adjustable clasped straps feature an octagonal opposing GG logo that is signature of Gucci all across the surface. For decoration they included a horse bit looking stainless steel D-ring near the part that attached to the case. The clasp is also made from the same polished stainless steel, as is the outer ring of the bezel.

Like the collection, brown is intermixable with both silver or gold. Their choice in silver will look fabulous when worn with those new silver earrings you’ve been dying to wear. This extra kit will not hurt your bank account quite the same as buying a brand new watch, but it definitely has the same effect. For $150, you can proudly wear your U-Play watch two days in a row without breaking the bank or hearing backlash from your friend for your fashion faux pax.

One of the worst outcomes of owning several pieces to a watch collection, is if you lost one. Then you are stuck, say, the blue and gold casing color of the main timepiece with two brown and silver straps. On the other hand, this mixing and matching of several different kits can start a whole different designer trend. It’s what Gucci intended users to do when they purchased more than one interchangeable kit for the U-Play collection.

Celebrities displaying Gucci proudly around their wrists or across their shoulders include musical artists Rihanna and Jay-Z. Will Smith and TV-star Ellen Pompeo also attended a charity event hosted by Gucci, in which they support the esteemed brand.

Celebrities supporting Gucci

Celebrities supporting Gucci products.

Release your individuality with this Womens Gucci U-Play YFA50015 Kit selection. Mix and match to bring spice to your fashion statement.

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