09 Jan 2012

Gucci U-Play YA129502 Watch Review

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If you want a stylish, classy, simple look from a nouveau brand that shines for less than four figures, the Gucci U-Play YA129502 is the way to go. Unlike the Gucci 1921 Quartz Women’s YA130405 which will drive you north of $10,000, you can rest assured that with a new Gucci U-Play YA129502 you will procure a few novice compliments without breaking the bank. If you have the dough and are looking for blingy diamonds or approval from the high end watch connoisseur, you’d be better off with a Cartier La Dona at $10,000 or for the true collector, perhaps the Cartier Paves Brilliant WE902006 drenched in diamonds for just shy of $200,000. Personally, as a high end shopper who still drives a Honda, I prefer a reputable women’s watch brand with a Eurpoean feel but I won’t lose sleep over what a collector thinks. I look for style, class, a reputable brand, form, function, and longevity and I happen to be a Gucci fan. Thus, the Gucci U-Play YA129502 offers the amenities that I respect sans the guilt. If you are a high end brand snob like me juggling a family, hobbies, and other financial responsibilities, the Gucci U-Play YA129502 is great find.

As far as watches go, with its stainless steel band and analog display, the Gucci U-Play YA129502 is pretty standard feature-wise. It boasts no significant extras as compared to any watch in its price range, apart from the Gucci name. You pay north of $30 because it’s a Gucci and south of $10,000 due to lack of diamonds as compared to some higher end Gucci models. As far as high end watches go, this is relatively inexpensive. If you are a pragmatic watch buyer looking simply to glean the time on occasion or you tend to lose, break, and replace watches on a regular basis, this is not the watch for you even at its relatively low price. Clumsy pragmatists, consider sticking with a Timex in the double digits.  On the other hand, if you are willing to step over $1000 and prefer a slightly blingier feel and more prominent brand recognition from afar, check out the GUCCI Women’s YA121505 121 Marina Chain Quartz Watch instead. You can purchase both the Marina Chain Quartz and the U-Play YA129502 on Amazon or some other sites at great discounts from their original retail prices at $1345 and $845 respectively, thereby narrowing the price difference from $500 down to $100 – $200. At that point, the desired level of bling becomes more of a style choice. Also to note, if you’re into stylish diving, the Gucci U-Play YA129502 is water resistant for up to 99 feet. In all honesty, I find the watch a bit mundane aesthetically. When I go Gucci, I tend to prefer something mildly more distinctive which is why I opted to pay the few hundred extra dollars for the Marina Chain Quartz. That being said, you won’t find many Gucci women’s watches for a lower price than the U-Play YA129502.

In summary, if like me you are a high-end brand lover who doesn’t want to choose between a watch and a new vehicle, a down payment, or a divorce, the Gucci U-Play YA129502 at under $1000 is a smart buy that is worth the price. If you don’t know what time it is, perhaps it’s time to get online and grab yourself a Gucci U-Play YA129502 guilt-free and flaunt that unassuming, sleek, silver (stainless steel) beauty on a trip around town foraging for the best college, car, or vacation on which to spend those additional savings.

Review By: Amy Moolten

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