07 May 2012

Gucci U-Play Women’s Quartz Watch YA129510 / YA129510 MFG Review

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By Erin Brogan

Are you wondering what to wear on Friday night to your date? Have you been searching for the perfect wrist watch to pair perfectly with your brand new professional suit?  The Gucci U-Play Women’s Quartz Watch YA129510 / YA129510 MFG is just the dazzling specimen you have been looking for.

Salma Hayek Pinault for Gucci

Gucci U-Play Collection

The beautiful crystal sapphire cover to the face is scratch resistant.  Unlike the digital clock on your phone, you will be able to see the time without wearing sunglasses during a sunny, bright day using the Gucci U-Play Women’s Quartz Watch YA129510 / YA129510 MFG because the glass case is anti-reflective. The inner dial is a ravishing shiny, silver stainless steel with matching hands. The “G” symbol representing Gucci is mirrored side-to-side, interwoven within the differentiating silver colors of the faceplate. Just push the crown in to move the hands to your selected time zone. The clock is surrounded by a similar stainless steel metallic bezel, which holds everything together.  The entire case takes up a little over one-inch in diameter across your wrist, a tiny, fashionable jewelry piece.

The leather bracelet counters nicely against the metal of the faceplate. The clasp allows you to adjust the leather strap up to 7inches to fit your personal wrist size.  Another significant feature of this women’s watch is it is waterproof.  It can be worn under water up to 30 meters or 99 feet, and this attribute is especially important if you are one to “accidentally” wash electronic items such as your cell phone.

Join celebrity Salma Hayek Pinault in sporting a Gucci product, like she did, as caught on camera, when she arrived in Venice on June 1, 2011. Her purse displays a similar Gucci “G” emblem this watch entertains on its center face.  Fellow fashionista stars Keri Hilson, Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde, Chris Evans and Florence Welch can also be found showing off their exquisite taste in Gucci merchandise.

Gucci U-Play Collection

Gucci U-Play Collection

This Swiss made designer timepiece’s list price is $845.00, with many sites offering a discount.  The only downfall of the item is this may be a stiff price to pay for such an alluring watch. Consider it as both a clock and a new fashionable wristlet, and the price begins to seem reasonable. The warranty depends on the website or store you purchase your item from, averaging around 2 years.

Gucci U-Play Collection

Gucci U-Play Collection

The watch is part of the quality collection Gucci U-Play, one of their high-demand compilations. Similar pieces prove the beauty and decadency of what this wristlet can truly hold.   The Gucci U-Play Women’s Quartz Watch YA129510 / YA129510 MFG falls between these, with its timeless silver case and leather wristband. Though on the pricey side, it is worth every penny that you have to spend.

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