14 May 2012

Gucci U-Play Medium White Leather Kit YFA50005

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Written By: Olivia Hernandez

The U-Play Collection by U-Play provides a unique service to the watch-wearing community. The collection contains interchangeable bands and cases so you can mix and match in order to achieve the look that best fits your individuality. The Gucci U-Play Medium White Leather Kit YFA50005 offers a white leather band.

This U-Play kit comes with the following features:

  • Stainless steel case
  • White leather bezel and strap
  • Buckle clasp

The kit is compatible with any of the medium sized U-Play parts. The white leather is a refreshing and modern look that will add a unique touch to your watch, setting it apart from other watches. The leather is stamped with the famous Gucci “G”, which could be a big incentive for women who are name brand-conscious and want to be sure their watch is authentic. The stainless steel horseshoe bit embellishments match the buckle and add to the modern feel of the piece.

The great thing about the U-Play Collection is that if you end up not liking the kit you pick out, you can switch it around with any other U-Play kit in order to get the look you want. This piece is listed at $195.00 on Amazon’s independent online accessory store, Endless. At the price, this watch kit is a definite must-have for the woman who wants to have options that are different every day.

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