02 Feb 2012

Gucci U-Play Kit Small White Leather Ladies Watch Case YFA50034 Review

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Image of Gucci U-Play Kit Medium White Leather Ladies Watch Case YFA50034

The Gucci U-Play Kit Small White Leather Ladies Watch Case YFA50034 comes with a beautiful white bezel and fashionable green and red striped band. The interchangeable parts of the U-Play series are perfect for women who love to mix and match accessories. (Image from: www.endless.com, retrieved January 29, 2012)

By: Lindsay Karzon

Let’s face it, ladies. It’s hard to find one timepiece that will match perfectly with everything in your wardrobe. Do you have difficulty deciding what watch to buy because there are so many different color and style options?  The Gucci U-Play watch series gives you multiple fashion options to coordinate with your clothes. While some women might purchase multiple watches, the Gucci YFA50034 U-Play Kit Small White Leather Watch Case is an amazing solution. With this one $195 purchase, you will have a case, bezel, and band that will fit any U-play watch.

The U-Play Series: How is it possible? The Gucci U-Play series is unique because the watch comes with three interchangeable parts designed to fit any U-play timepiece with a small size case. Change the straps, bezels, or bangles to suit any occasion. Quick and easy to change the parts, simply unscrew the bezel, remove the two bracelet elements, and insert a new bracelet or bezel. The interchangeable design ensures you will have the accessories for whatever you choose to wear. Featured specially in this review are a white leather bezel and a soft calfskin strap with white edges showing the iconic vertical green and red Gucci stripes secured with a buckle and clasp. Displaying a symbol of Swiss precision and accuracy, the Gucci horsebit icon is on the straps and clasps. Gucci claims that the U-play timepiece allows clientele to express their individuality, and the new U-Play series design certainly does just that.

Mix and Match Accessories: However, one drawback of this series is that the case featured in this review does not come with a watch. Purchasing a Gucci U-Play watch can cost up to $650. In order to mix and match your accessory choices, you must purchase more cases from the U-Play series that won’t come with your initial purchase. At $195 per case, you could consider simply buying an entirely different watch. However, the interchangeability allows you to keep the same top-notch reputable Gucci watch while changing the style and color of the band. The U-Play series bands come in a plethora of colors such as pistachio, Gucci brown, black, white, mauve, silver and gold. From rubber to satin, to Guccissima leather, you also have many options for band materials as well.

Sizing: It’s also important to consider that the band size featured in this review is small. If you don’t have a petite wrist, the Gucci YFA50033 U-Play Kit Medium White Leather Watch Case might be more appropriate for you. It’s the same style, but slightly larger. Unfortunately, if you have a wide wrist, the Gucci U-Play series is probably not the best fit for you. However, if you are a woman with a small wrist and are looking for a high-quality watch series that will allow you to mix and match your accessories, the Gucci YFA50034 U-Play Kit Small White Leather Watch Case just might be your next purchase.


  • Mix and match accessories
  • U-Play series has a variety of band colors
  • U-Play series has a variety of band styles


  • Watch is sold separately
  • Accessory cases are expensive
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