09 Jan 2012

Gucci Tornabuoni YA120509 Watch Review

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Written by: Laura Barber

What do Jessica Biel, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez all have in common, besides giant houses, loads of cash and superstar status? They all wear Gucci. If you want to follow in the footsteps of these chic, fashion savvy ladies, then adding the Gucci Tornabuoni YA120509 to your accessory collection will not only make you look and feel like a celebrity, it will put your wardrobe on the A-list too.

This little watch is just right. It has a simple design and a classic look that’s modernized by its square shape and pure stainless steel bracelet. You can also immediately recognize it as a Gucci creation more subtly by the diamond pattern made from the repetition of the two G’s on the dial, and more obviously by the brand name located just under 12 o’clock. Instead of numbers, you can tell the time by four tiny diamonds positioned where you would usually expect to see the 12, 3, 6 and 9. With its charming good looks and classy details, you can’t deny that the YA120509 has style.

Gucci Tornabuoni 237937 |16G0 1271 Women's watch 2011 collection

The only model from the most current Tornabuoni collection, the 237937 |16G0 1271 presents very limited options.

What makes this timepiece tick (literally) isn’t just its high fashion appeal. From a more technical angle, this member of the Tornabuoni collection is top of the line. Its sapphire crystal is both anti-reflective and scratch-resistant to ensure that you’ll be able to read the time clearly no matter how long you’ve owned it. A Swiss quartz movement keeps its hands running smoothly and precisely, to keep you right on track. Finally, this watch is water-resistant up to 99 feet (100 meters). So, if you forget that you’ve got it on and put your hands in a sink full of dishwater, it will still work just as well as it did before you started doing the dishes.

Some reasons why you should buy this watch:
• Sleek and stylish
• Gucci commitment to quality
• Swiss made
• Scratch-resistant
• Comes with a two-year warranty

Some reasons why you might want to skip it:
• Size—the small dial will be hard to read for some people
• The stainless steel bracelet—for those who prefer a rubber or leather strap
• Price—the $895 price tag doesn’t fit into everybody’s budget

All in all this designer watch is a sophisticated beauty, and if your budget allows for it, by all means go get one. However, let me just warn you that the YA120509 is part of the 2010 Tornabuoni collection, so it may prove difficult to find—it’s not even listed on the Gucci website. The 2011 collection however, can be found there instead. Consisting of only one watch (the Tornabuoni 237937 |16G0 1271) this updated version of the same collection is obviously very limited in variety, and may prove to have little appeal for those who can’t get their hands on last year’s model.

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