16 Jan 2012

Gucci Tornabuoni Quartz Women’s Watch YA120512 Review

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Review by Amy Moolten

The fashionable, gold-faced, Gucci Tornabuoni Quartz Women’s Watch (YA120512) is a cute watch at a cute price. For the cost-wise woman who wants to kill two birds with one stone, check out this signature Gucci bracelet watch which doubles as silver jewelry at a reasonable price: just shy of $1000. If you like to tell time in style without paying a fortune, give this watch a good look. While I prefer a touch of faux-diamond, bling wherever possible, and would thus be more likely to splurge an extra few hundred buckaroos for the Gucci Marina Chain Quartz Watch, I wouldn’t fault you for saving a bit of cash on this stylish comparable cutie sans any faux diamond touch.

The Gucci Tornabuoni Quartz makes a delightful fashion statement amid trademark Gucci flair via its square shaped, gold, dial-face and daintily small, high-polished, stainless-steel chain-link bracelet. While it is otherwise fairly standard feature-wise, save for its anti-reflective and scratch-resistant sapphire dial window, it reaches into the high three figures because of the Gucci name and some trademark aesthetics. As with most Gucci women’s watches, if you’re into stylish diving, the Gucci Tornabuoni Quartz is water resistant for up to 99 feet. Although it retails at $950, you can purchase the Tornabuoni for a couple hundred dollars cheaper online. If you like to sport a fashionable brand and flaunt high-end style without paying through the nose for authentic silver and diamonds, this Gucci is a relatively inexpensive, fair-priced find. If you are not a brand snob, don’t bother with this watch. Consider a Timex in the double digits or an imitation sans the Gucci inscription. If you are into authentic diamonds and pricy materials, you can pay upwards of ten times as much for a variety of high-end Cartier alternatives. As a shameless in-your-face brand-name recognition junkie, I find the hard-to-read Gucci insignia amid the dark gold dial-face to be a bit of a downside. On the other hand, for folks who are less concerned about showing off, this may be a non-issue. All in all, if you want to remain under $1000, this is a fair-priced, cute, and stylish buy.

In summary, for Gucci-lovers who want a distinctive, stylish bracelet that doubles as a time-teller, the Gucci Tornabuoni Quartz is a smart buy that is worth the price. While it retails at $950, you can find them cheaper online without a doubt. If you don’t want to pay through the nose, but you want to know what time it is in brand name style, hop online and purchase this stylish Gucci to add to your high-end collection.

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