05 Mar 2012

Gucci Tornabuoni Quartz Women’s Watch YA120511 Review

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Written by Laura Rensing

Do you ever feel like you lead a charmed life?  Why not accentuate it with the Gucci Tornabuoni Quartz Women’s Watch YA120511?  With links of circles and squares along the small bracelet, this charm-like bracelet is sure to keep you on time and on trend for years to come.

Gucci’s strength is in their ability to offer the timelessness and experience of its history with a dash of modernity.  The combination of the stainless steel circles on the bracelet, combined with the bold square add an element of sophisticated modernism while the dash of red on the dial is reminiscent of the Venetian Red so popularized by the painter Titian in Italy’s past.  The delicate links make this watch seem more like a charm bracelet than your everyday run of the mill watch.

The look may be modern, but the Swiss clockwork and the Gucci craftsmanship keep this watch as timely as it is timeless.  Gucci brings the same attention to detail in their

This watch doesn’t exchange durability for fashion.  With stainless steel bracelet and casing strong enough to last through your activities while the scratch resistant sapphire and anti-reflective dial window will keep the small diamonds on the dial glittering at you in the best of condition.


The dial, seen here on the YA120501 version, features diamonds and the distinctive Gucci patterning

  • Red Dial with Gucci detail
  • Scratch resistant sapphire
  • Anti-reflective dial window
  • Stainless steel case and bracelet
  • Diamond accents
  • Quartz
  • Water Resistant to 30 meters/100 feet


Readability is definitely an issue with this model.  The Tornabuoni may make a big splash, but the dial is tiny, the hands are minuscule, and the lack of numerals do not make for an easy read.

The bracelet is trendy, but may prove a problem for smaller wrists if you don’t like your watch to dangle.  Because a jewelry clasp holds the bracelet together, there’s no way to tighten the circlet closer to your wrist.

Not a fan of the lady in red?  Gucci also offers this watch with a black dial (YA120501) or in their signature brown dial (YA120509).

As part of the 2012/2013 line, the red and brown versions are so new that they aren’t yet featured on the Gucci website, though you can find the black variation on the website for $950.00.  However, if the red or brown versions have caught your fancy, you can find reliable providers of this watch through Google Product Search.

Looking for a watch every bit as charming as you are?  With classical Swiss mechanics, bold modern design, and a hint of red every bit as daring as you are, the Gucci Tornabuoni Quartz Women’s Watch YA120511 provides a stylish alternative for the Gucci girl on the go.

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