08 Mar 2012

Gucci Men’s Timeless Watch YA126212

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Written by: Stacy McCullough Sometimes you need a watch and our demands for it are extreme. It has to be high quality, function well for day-to-day use and of course, be an eye catcher. Not many watches can meet these requirements, but one definitely does: Gucci Men’s YA126212 Timeless Watch.

The Timeless Watch is exactly that: a timeless piece that any man can wear. It has a stainless steel case that is 46mm across and 11mm thick. The metal may make it feel slightly heavy in comparison to some watches, but you shouldn’t notice too much of a difference. The band is made of high quality leather with unique tan stitching on the sides. It is standard length and 23mm wide with a buckle clasp. The face of the YA126212 looks really sharp with the strap because it is also black. The hour and minute markers and hands are silver so they stand out nicely against the dial. This makes the watch very easy to read. The face holds a lot of information besides the time. The date sits at the three o’clock position. Gucci also included a 24-hour Greenwich time display so there is a set of twenty-four numbers makers that wrap around the center. So if you like military time, you’ll have it! The hands and markers are luminescent to be able to tell time at all hours of the night. All of this is protected by a sapphire window that is not only scratch-resistant, but antireflective as well! No more weird light reflections or glares getting in your way! The YA126212 has a working stainless steel bezel that is bidirectional. The bezel has twenty-three metropolitan cities for you to easily follow any time zone. If you happen to be a swimmer, this watch is water-resistant as well – up to 99 feet! However, you’ll want to be careful because even treated leather doesn’t do well submerged in water for long periods of time.


  • Anti-reflective window
  • Water resistant 99ft
  • Greenwich time display


  • Price
  • May be heavy
  • Leather strap is not water resistant

The YA126212 Timeless watch retails for $1,595, which is a little steep for many people. Similar watches you may want to check out are the Gucci Timeless YA12611 and the Gucci Pantheon YA115229 and YA115203. If you have the money and are looking for a classic everyday watch, Gucci Men’s YA126212 Timeless Watch is a great option and well worth the money. Besides its great looks, it has a lot of useful function and timeless quality.

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